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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gallura Sardinia

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The Gallura, is a land full of charm, a perfect place to spend an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia, to be fascinated by the scents of the Mediterranean maquis, the colors of the rocks and the crystal clear waters.

With its name (perhaps in Hebrew Galil, a country of heights) indicates the north eastern region of Sardinia.

The boundaries towards the interior of the island are the river Coghinas to the west and to the south an imaginary line joining the Limbara mountain with the small town of San Teodoro, famous for its beautiful beaches, on the Thyrrenean coast.

Gallura is a fabulous mix of sea, plains, hills, mountains, cultivated and desert areas. The territory has a strong tourism vocation and offers excellent reception and entertainment services.

If you decide to arrange an itinerary to discover the nature and culture of Gallura, an excellent solution is to find in this area of Sardinia residences or houses for rent, accommodations that ensure high standards of comfort and a lot of independence. In this environmental diversity you can find old testimonies of the territory: from the presence of numerous buildings, such as the tomb of giants Li Lolghi and the necropolis of Li Muri, consisting of stone circles vertically buried in the ground, the nuragic temple of Malchittu or the nuraghe Albucciu.

The landscape is characterized by granite rocks and the harshness of their relieves. Even if not particularly tall (Mount Limbara reaches the 1350 meters above sea level) they have been for thousands of years a barrier between this region and the neighboring territories of Baronie and Montalbo. Granite rocks, shaped by wind and rain, take in some areas the form of small mountains or extraordinary natural sculptures.

Another characteristic of Gallura is the presence of oaks from which cork is extracted, vital to the economy of the area together with granite extraction.

The fields of the hinterland (municipalities of Arzachena, Luogosanto, Aggius, Tempio Pausania) are not densely populated and it is still possible, in some places, to recognize the organization of the territory in Stazzi , another characteristic of Gallura. These are rural settlements scattered, agro pastoral farms, usually self sufficient single house units originally built by pastors, many of whom from the nearby Corsica, between the seventh and eighteenth century. There were numerous and almost everywhere until a few years ago, today many have been abandoned because of the transfer in the city.

The coast is jagged and divided into a continuous series of small fjords, bays and islets that form the archipelago of La Maddalena, with its wondrefull islands, a natural bridge towards the nearby Corsica, where there is also the island of Caprera, last shelter of Giuseppe Garibaldi and the place where you can find his remains.

While on one side this territory is home to the famous Costa Smeralda, with Porto Cervo with its well know harbour, holiday paradise for many people, on the other hand it is not difficult to find lonely places where to freely enjoy beautiful natural sceneries.
Author Resource:- Paolo Pilia, a travel writer, is a freelance writer about traveling in Italy. He is specilized about Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia.
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