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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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» Tuesday Night Specialties
By viaponte
Tuesday Night is Trivia Night! Every and any table that wants to join in is welcome. The game starts at 7 PM and finishes up around 8:30 PM. First place winners receive a $25.00 gift certificate, second place a bottle of Sicilian wine, ...
'Love at first bite' Italian cookery speed dating - What's On In ...
As Italian music plays in the background, the group will make fresh pasta, accompanying sauces and a classic Italian dessert while sipping fine Sicilian wines. Ladies will stay in their designated cooking areas and every 8 minutes will ...
Social Events in London this... -
A short tour of Italy – Western Sicily · Leviton Gigamax
By 12oclock
See our companion article I Love Touring Italy – Western Sicily for a sample menu and more information on Sicilian wines, and a thorough examination of the tourist attractions of the region. You will be surprised that only just over ...
Leviton Gigamax -
Cooking Braciole with Anna Magnani « Erica De Mane
By Erica
Admittedly Miss Magnani, Roman through and through, doesn't know much about Sicilian food, but she knows enough to see where its greatness comes from. She loves anchovies, and she loves sharpness and sweetness. I told her I needed to get away from winter ... It's a dish that's usually slow-simmered in a tomatoey wine sauce, but I chose a beef top round, a cut that can be quick-cooked and stay tender. It's a supermarket cut that I often find ready-sliced into thin cutlets. ...
Erica De Mane -
Cod Sautéed Sicilian Style
By Admin
3/4 cup dry white wine * 1 1/2 pounds ripe plum tomatoes, seeded and chopped * Salt & pepper * 2 1/2 pounds fresh cod * 12 Sicilian black olives pitted and quartered * 4 teaspoons salt-cured capers, well rinsed * 2 lemons, quartered ... -
Re-cap: My Valentine's Day Date (and the Two Dates Before That ...
On Valentine's, we ate Sicilian cuisine before cozying up at a wine bar; we drank prosecco and listened to live piano music. Scott gave me 2 CDs that he'd burned of the remaining Foo Fighters albums I don't have! ...
Single-ish -
Torino, Italy: 2/16/10 Sicilian Pavillion
By Frog Legs USA
He brings out his "wine" and he gets us all sicilian pizza and encourages us to drink as much of this wine/juice he had made as possible. Well none of us our drinkers, we are all conservative good natured ambitious men, ...
Torino, Italy -
A Brave New Horse: Valentines Dinner 2010!
By Chasity
Toasting at the table with one candle lit, a delicious creation and an inexpensive Sicilian wine from Trader Joe's in hand made this the most memorable and my favorite Valentines Day to date. Dessert menu and details have been censored. ...
A Brave New Horse -

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