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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Fiefdom: Weirdness in food and drink
By Errant Knave
Watch the film Food, Inc. And then lets all move to Sicily." Yummy. Did you like that? Deeeelicious. (By the way, is it against some law to be quoting so much of an article? I'm a little hazy on the rules.) ...
Fiefdom -
A New Season in Italy | Adventure Travel Blog - DuVine Adventures
By Bike tour guru
We can't mention Italian wines, however, without mentioning food, as Italian wines are made for Italian food – a perfect symbiosis. Italians take great pride in the "experience" of dining; it is a sensory event to be enjoyed and shared ... These 6 different tours include 2 new ones for the 2010 season in Umbria and Sicily, which we feel will really round out the experience for our guests. So, as we look forward to the 2010 bike touring season in Italy we invite you to ...
Adventure Travel Blog - DuVine... -
Downtown Cleveland Alliance » Chinato is Open on E.4th!
By Josh
"Authentic Italian food is simple and flavorful – regardless of whether you're in Tuscany, Sicily or Campania," said Bruell. "I wanted to stay true to that." Chinato's menu features Bruell's take on simplistic Italian dishes, ...
Downtown Cleveland Alliance -
For the Love of a Crab: International Pang
By Meagan
Second, find an international food market. Third, surprise my fantastic Mr. Crab with his most favoritest culinary cuisine in the world, THAI FOOD!! And much to my satisfaction Baby Crab is definitely his fathers son cause he's been hankering for spicy food and by ... I quickly told her I was married, she grabbed my hand (I only wear a small band... after living in Sicily for 5 years, I found it strange to wear my diamond in public) and said "Man, your husband cheap too" ...
For the Love of a Crab -
The Mexican Invasion and Occupation: Who Pays? ANOTHER FORM OF ...
By The Mexican Invasion & Occupation
August 11, 2009—Figures from the Department of Public Social Services show that children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County collected nearly $22 million in welfare and over $26 million in food stamps in June, announced Los Angeles County ... Then, large numbers of southern European Catholics, most without capital and education, arrived en masse from Italy and Sicily, lived in ethnic enclaves, and for decades lagged behind the majority population in educational ...
The Mexican Invasion and Occupation:... -
Sicilian, The » doubledagger
By brettsalazar1979
I recently moved to Germany, and can't easily find my favorite food, artichokes from Watsonville, CA. However, I know Sicily is big on artichokes, and even have an artichoke festival, which I plan on attending. ...
doubledagger -
Luckily, some things don't change
Joe's of Avenue U 287 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 718 449 9285 I was 13 years old when I first went to Joe's of Avenue U. Even after fifty years, Joe's a Focacceria Palermitana has not lost its Sicilian roots. Initially Joes\'s was only open for lunch. ... It makes you wonder why anyone would put Tuna in a can. The Vrocculi ri Rapi (broccoli rabe) and the Capunata di Milinciani ( Eggplant garnish ) are in a class by itself. The food is still terrific, plentiful and inexpensive. ...
Dan Shapiro's Blog -
An American in Sicily
By An American in Sicily
Italians have amamzing food, we all know that. But, they are very closed-minded in what they eat. One thing that I really miss about the U.S. is the variety of foods there. I used to have sushi for lunch, Indian food for dinner and make ...
An American in Sicily -
Not the marrying kind?: Food at the reception
By Blonde Ambition
... want you babying me about my INFORMED DECISION) so if money was no object, I would just fly everyone out to Sicily or find a venue that looked either European or American. Posted by Blonde Ambition at 16:05. Labels: food, reception ...
Not the marrying kind? -

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