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Saturday, February 13, 2010

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~The World Through Holly Berry's Eyes~: SICILIAN HOUSES
By Holly
WILL UNWOUND #23: "Snow Days" by Will Manley - Guilty. That's the way the media makes you feel if you are not in the middle of all the record breaking snow storms. Here in northern California wine cou... 1 day ago. Sicily Scene ...
~The World Through Holly Berry's Eyes~ -
italyMONDO! Blog » Blog Archive » Italy's Sweet Treats for Carnevale
By Laura Thayer
Sometimes it will be a few drops of the intense grappa, vino bianco (white wine) or regional specialties like Marsala in Sicily or Vin Santo in Tuscany. On the Sorrentine Peninsula in Campania, home to two special varieties of lemons, ...
italyMONDO! Blog -
Oregon Wine and Music Project: Two Days, 300 Miles, 11 Bottles
By Robert Canaga
I match it with an '08 Tenuta del Nanfro "Frappato" from Sicily. A very clever marketing tool used by Jeff Vejr, owner and wine wrangler, is a business card sized descriptor that fits on the stem of every glass pour. ...
Oregon Wine and Music Project -
Cooking Chat: Frugal Friday: Pasta with Pancetta, Peas & Onions
By David
Wine Pairing: In the Frugal Friday spirit, this wine was chosen not for being an optimal match, but to retrieve it from the back of the fridge after languishing there for a few weeks. The 2008 Barbazzale Bianco Insolia from Sicily was a ...
Cooking Chat -
I Love Touring Italy – Genoa « I Love Pattaya
By pneng
Genoa was an important player for the Crusades and the creation of new settlements in the Middle East, the Aegean Sea, Sicily and North Africa. Genoese Crusadersbrought home a green glass goblet from the Levant, the Genoese by many as .... We conclude with a look at Liguria wine. Liguria is not much room for grapes. 19. E 'among the 20 Italian regions in the country dedicated to the vine, and the total production of wine annually. Approximately 34% of red wine or rose, ...
I Love Pattaya -
Fairing's Parish: Various -ographies
Actually it was a pretty pathetic snowfall, but it made the people from Sicily very happy. 6. I have been at dinner with Big Names, loudly defending palaeography after too much wine. And possibly telling too many anecdotes, ...
Fairing's Parish -

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