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Saturday, February 6, 2010

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The Punic Wars: Rome vs Carthage
Hamilcar Barca, a prominent Carthaginian general of the First Punic War, dedicated the remainder of his life to building up Carthaginian power in Spain to replace the loss of Sicily. His son Hannibal became the leader of the ...
Suite101: Ancient Military History... -
Holidays in Italy – which is the body and soul snacks « printable ...
By davidattraction
Sicily is a beautiful island. It is separated from the mainland of Calabria, so you can easily avoid the edge,Equipped with the pressure of city life. However, Sicily is a very hot summer, if you are so disgusted with the hot weather, ...
printable travel checklist -
What's in Your Glass? Tenuta Terre Nere Etna Rosso "Calderara ...
By amantivinoblog
Like much of Southern Italy, Sicily is home to a vast number of indigenous varietals that are experiencing a rebirth in the hands of some very talented winemakers. A vast range of styles exists among these native grapes. ...
Amantivino's Blog -
Just Lucky I Guess – Kitchen Table Talks
By chrisbrogan
You may already be aware that your book is really INSIGHTFUL for any company that is working out of a region anywhere in the world that is considered "untrustworthy" like ours which happens to be Sicily (in Italy, of course). ... -
The Pestoblog - SOSCuisine» Blog Archive » Royal oranges
By Cinzia
Blood oranges were first cultivated in Sicily while under Arab rule in the 10th Century. Because of their rich appearance and unusual taste, they were initially only consumed by royalty. But as time went by, they became an important ...
The Pestoblog - SOSCuisine -
Chapter 14: Decentius Learns - Part 2 | April Raines' Storybook Corner
By april.raines
"Sicily's been around forever, just like Umbrae. Rome is new. And that Senator-in-training was even newer. He tried to control me; he couldn't." I didn't keep the surprise from my face, and Antonius grinned. ...
April Raines' Storybook Corner -
CalumCarr on .... Whatever: Sunday Morning Coffee with the ...
By CalumCarr
This week's "show" is touched with sadness: Kate McGarrigle, aged 63, died only a few weeks ago after a long battle with a rare form of cancer. Sicily Scene was where I learned the sad news. ...
CalumCarr on .... Whatever -
travel in thailand » Blog Archive » Italian Foods Try, if you ...
By admin
An island off the west coast of Italy, Sicily has a long history. Over the centuries, it has ruled itself from many cultures. And each had an influence on Sicilian cuisine, the bold, pungent flavor offers. Subtle, it is not. ...
travel in thailand -
Italy: Mafia's No. 2 nabbed in Sicily | Political blog
By admin
Police captured Cosa Nostra's No. 2 in a raid in Sicily and nabbed another Mafia fugitive strolling down a Milan street Saturday, as authorities crossed more.
Political blog -

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