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Saturday, February 13, 2010

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By Ioannis G.
It was founded by Ionian Greeks from Chalcis about 720 BCE, who also established a second colony, Zancle, across the straits in Sicily. With its strategic position, Rhegion became one of the most important Ionian Greek cities of the ...
Point....Click...Shoot: Sicily, Crossroads of the Med Photo Workshop
By PhotoJ
Sicily, known as "Sicilia" in Italian, is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Inhabited since around 8000 BC, it is home to five World Heritage Sites — Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) of Agrigento; Villa Romana del ...
Point....Click...Shoot -
Little P in Sicily: Carnevale Part 1 , The costumes.
By Little P
Little P: I started my blog in 2009, when it was still called "Little P". Then when I moved to Sicily, Italy in October of 2009. I called it "Little P in Sicily". Anyway...I have one sister and no brothers! ...
Little P in Sicily -
Best of Sicily Blog: Snow in Palermo!
By Vincenzo Salerno
The companion blog to Sicily's most popular website welcomes your comments, observations and opinions about Sicilian travel, culture, art, archaeology, history, sightseeing, food and wine... and all things Sicilian. ...
Best of Sicily Blog -
Miss Independent in Sicily: It will be a good weekend!
By Jo
Maybe it's a little more difficult since I live in a small town in Sicily. On this blog I want to describe how my life here gradually changes and evolves. Describe my little successes and failures. Enjoy! ...
Miss Independent in Sicily -
lost in sicilia: the aftermath
By Lost in Sicily
... like piles of sand that absorbed the wax and could be swept up off the streets. These men worked efficiently despite their constant chatting between each other and with acquaintances walking by. Posted by Lost in Sicily at 2:05 PM ...
lost in sicilia -
Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style: Berlin Film ...
By Anna Battista
I was pleased to see that the programme of the Berlin Film Festival (until 21st February 2010) features one of the short documentaries shot in Siciliy by Italian director Vittorio De Seta. In his essay "Sicily on the big screen"...
Irenebrination: Notes on Art,... -
And here comes the year of the mighty tiger « The Man from Mosel River
By themanfrommoselriver
Sicily's most important indigenous red variety produces wonderful wines with soft tannins and plum, berry and spicy flavours. They compare to our Shiraz wines for instance the ones from Heathcote, Victoria. I can only highly recommend ...
The Man from Mosel River -
Cllr. Kieran McCarthy » Blog Archive » Our City, Our Town, 11 ...
By admin
However, so great was the demand for sulphur in Ireland, an extra forty or fifty tons were annually imported from Sicily. The principal seat of the mining operations in Sicily was near Catolica. Sulphur there appeared in veins of ...
Cllr. Kieran McCarthy -
The Stone Boudoir: Travels through the Hidden Villages of Sicily ...
By book stores
Product DescriptionFrom mattanza acclaimed author, a remarkable collection of stories set in cities and mountain villages of Sicily unknown. In this book, champagne, Theresa Maggio takes us on a journey in search of the most remote and ...
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