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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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Food Writer's Diary: Emilia-Romagna and Sicily
By Bret Thorn
Emilia-Romagna and Sicily. February 16. Emilia-Romagna and Sicily tied in this blog's latest poll, which asked readers to pick their favorite Italian region for food. You can read the full results at ...
Food Writer's Diary -
Sicily or Greece (with a rental car) during the Easter holidays ...
By dutyfree
I am trying to figure out whether a last minute trip to Sicily or Greece would work over the upcoming Easter holidays for our family. I have been to both countries but not during a holiday period. If we were over there during Palm ...
Europe -
Renting villas in Sicily, Italy | Travel, holiday, vacations ...
By travel
The article reviews three of the most exquisite villas in Sicily along with additional information about the real estate situation in Sicily, Italy. Casale di Pietra is located not far from Palermo and it has been entirely restored and ...
Travel, holiday, vacations, tours,... -
Sicily Balestrate Townhouse for Self Catering Holiday Rental in ...
By admin
Sicily Balestrate Townhouse with Sea Views for Self Catering Holiday Rental.
Holiday Accommodation and Property... -
Pietro De Maria | Pianista | Sicily WordPress
By Capitano
Upcoming Event in teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania 1 march 2010 at 9.00 pm (tn.A) Recital nel bicentenario della nascita di Chopin Musiche di Frédéric.
Sicily WordPress -
By Welshcakes Limoncello
Welshcakes Limoncello: I'm a sort-of retired language teacher from Cardiff, Wales, UK, now trying to make a new life in Sicily. I'm not growing vines, making olive oil or restoring a palace stone by stone! View my complete profile ...
Sicily Scene -
Miss Independent in Sicily: At home with Jennifer...
By Jo
Maybe it's a little more difficult since I live in a small town in Sicily. On this blog I want to describe how my life here gradually changes and evolves. Describe my little successes and failures. Enjoy! ...
Miss Independent in Sicily -
Sicility "Amalfi Coast" - Catania, Italy Travel Blog
sugar. This reminds me of the expression La Dolce Vita which refers to a Felinni film and a philosophy of life in Italy. Rivets's guide to Italy (which does not cover Sicily) talks il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing). ... TravelStream™... -
Italian Literature Review: Viaggio in Sicilia | by Guy de Maupassant
By Keith
Maupassant did much of his traveling by railroad and shows just how efficient and important rail was to Sicily. When Maupassat visited Sicily in 1885, the rail was a young 25 years old, but it enabled the author to see much of the ...
Italian Literature Review -

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