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Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Italian Meal For The Week

An Italian Meal For The Week: "The days are significantly longer now, and it has gotten warmer. Not any drier, however, and dishes that bring warmth to the table are still quite welcome. Few things are quite as good at bringing heat to a plate as Risotto, so we'll start with it:

Risotto al Rosmarino: Risotto is generally seasoned with some sort of meat or vegetable, or something creamy. But there are other options, and a risotto seasoned with rosemary will have a delightful woodsy feel and provide a nice change of pace. Followed by:

Petti Di Pollo Alle Nocciole, Chicken Breasts with Hazel Nuts: Another woodsy dish, and quite tasty too. And, on the side, in honor of dieting, a tossed salad seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and a drop of vinegar.

To Finish Up? Fresh fruit, and this time I might go with a pear. Wine? Red, not too heavy, and Campriano's Chianti Colli Senesi might be nice.

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