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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

La Cecina

Tuscany: Wine, Food and Culture: La Cecina
Cecina is a thin, crisp, pizza-like pancake from the Tuscan coast. It is simply made by stirring chickpea flour into a mixture of olive oil, salt and black pepper, to form a loose batter, and baking it in the open oven.
The word Cecina comes from the Italian word Ceci that means Chickpeas.
It one of the most traditional food of Tuscany, and it is really hard to find it anywhere else outside the region.
La Cecina is traditionally cut into irregular shaped triangular slices, and then stuffed into Focaccia bread or between two slices of Pizza Margherita.
It is one of the most popular traditional Tuscan snack food, and it sold in Pizzerias and bakeries.
In the town of Livorno, Cecina is usually served between two slices of bread, and it is one of kids favorite food to eat for Merenda (snack-time).
Cecina also make a wonderful appetizer, along with cold cuts like, prosciutto, mortadella and Tuscan soppressata.
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Here is La Cecina recipe: