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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wine Aerators: Do They Work?

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Whenever a new product hits the market, there is always a question of whether they will perform as promised. Wine aerators are fairly new and if you're a connoisseur, you may wonder if they are worth the money. They most definitely are! You'll never need to decant another bottle for hours hoping to bring out the best character, bouquet, and taste. You won't have to ask, "Wine aerators: do they work?" after just the first use.

This is how they work: When you pour your favorite red or white through one of these wine accessories, air weaves through the liquid. Why is this important? Because oxygen helps release the best qualities. For older bottles, the subtle tones that are often hidden are releases. The new bottles are often acrid and this will help with a smoother finish and mouth feel.

As the wine passes through the rest of the aerator and flows out the bottom into the glass or decanter, aeration is completed. However, it's important to get the type that sits directly on top of the glass. This is because it creates one complete breathing system. As the liquid flows out the bottom of the aerator, it cascades down the sides of the glass. With the styles that are held above the glass, you'll find they are clumsy and cumbersome. The liquid simply splashes into the glass or decanter, which does not complete the aeration process. When looking for the best performing product, one that sits on top of the glass is a must.

Additionally, you'll want one that comes with a stand to put it in when you have used it. Otherwise, it's likely to drip onto your finest tablecloth. Surely you remember how difficult it can be to get a red stain out!

Some are available in a variety of colors, such as red, green, blue, and purple.. Not only are some so beautifully designed that they will become quite the conversation pieces, it's easy to coordinate with your existing table settings color scheme.

Finally, make sure you use the right wineglasses, too. Robert J Parker, the famous critic credited with the 100 point rating system, only suggest Reidel, which is one of the world's finest. The glass is important, especially when aerating, as the curve or the "sweet spot" of the glass will play an integral part in the aeration process. Isn't it time that your truly enjoyed your next glass of vino?
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