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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Italian Meal for the Week

An Italian Meal for the Week: "To Begin, an Aside: I have just posted my notes from this year's Chianti Classico vintage presentation, and also selections of the Chianti D'Annata and Riserve that impressed me. However, these wines are still in Italy; what you will now find in stores are the Chianti D'Annata (vintage wines) and Chianti Riserve presented last year. And what might you serve with them?

Starting with a Chianti d'Annata:
Mixed cold cuts, antipasto misto, and crostini.

Followed by (we're in winter and it's cold) Pasta (my father-in-law is partial to penne) al sugo, with a bolognese sauce, which is as common in Tuscany as it is in Emilia Romagna.
Then, moving up to a Chianti Classico Riserva:
You might have stewed wild boar (or beef), or perhaps a bistecca alla fiorentina (a portherhouse steak), served with spinach and either fried or mashed potatoes.

To finish up, Zuppa Inglese. Some might be tempted to serve it with a sweet wine, a vinsanto even, but I would simply want an espresso, and (perhaps) a tiny glass of grappa.
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