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Friday, March 5, 2010

Italy Travel Tours – Liguria Tour @ Falcon Eyes

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Italy Travel Tours – Liguria Tour @ Falcon Eyes

“Liguria tour” is one of the italy honeymoon packages offered by travel agents who organize international travel trips or who specialize in organizing trip around Italy. The duration of the “Liguria tour” Italy travel package is 4 days and 3 nights. The tourists are provided accommodation as part of this package in Hotel jolly Machiavelli in the Milan region. The trip starts with the visit to Genoa considered as one of the sea port which is the largest in the region of Southern Europe. This is the 5th largest city in Italy and the streets are narrow and of medieval origin. The Ancient port is a place to be visited here which was discovered by Christopher Columbus before 500 years. The second day of the trip starts with travel to Sanremo from Genoa which is famous for conducting the Italian Song festival and is also known as the city of flowers. The various forms of entertainment offered in this place are shops, beaches, cloth stores and promenades. At the end of the day, they return back to Genoa and on the next day, they travel to Porotvenere which is called as the village of fisherman. From here they can visit the Cinque Terre village by taking a boat ride and can enjoy the natural scenic beauty of this place which is recognized as a heritage site by UNESCO. After visiting this place, the tourists can enjoy the beauty of St. MArgherita Ligure and return back to Milan.

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