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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ode to Sicilian Women

Ode to Sicilian Women « – Sicily Stories and Travel Tips from Jann Huizenga

Ode to Sicilian Women

March 3, 2010
You are bold and funny. Spicy and sweet. Kitchen goddesses; enthusiasts; enchantresses; fatalists; devotees of bambini, melodrama, and glee; believers in spirits and ghosts; possessors of thunderous hearts and skirts with fluted hems.
Vi voglio tanto bene!
Happy International Women’s Day (March 8)!
Trio of Sicilian Ladies
Sicilian BrideSiclian Woman Sicilian Woman Sicilian Women Sicilian Woman Sicilian Woman Sicilian WomanTrio of Sicilian Women Knitting Sicilian Woman Group of Sicilian Women Here’s to you, Siciliane! Salute!

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