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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dirt Cheap Flights - Where? - Hard To Find But They Do Exist!

You may be an expat working overseas, a frequent traveller looking forward to visiting your favourite holiday destination, or a company executive travelling often on business? Definitely you will be looking for dirt cheap flights, and will invariably find this is no easy task. How many times did you have to pay more than the normal price even after looking for discounted tickets in the internet? Late booking can cost you a lot of money. Given below are some tips for planning your trip and researching for cheap flights.

Most airlines sell their discounted tickets well in advance, sometimes even 6-7 months ahead. You can take advantage of this opportunity, if you plan your travel itinerary a few months ahead. Business travellers may find it difficult to cash in as their business meetings are generally scheduled at short notice. However if you are flexible in travel dates, you can take advantage of paying less for airlines whose flights are less likely to be full and sold out on a particular day. Traditionally airlines offer discounted fares during the mid week in domestic sectors, but prices of international flights could vary from day to day.

You can save money by comparing air fares from different airlines flying over the same sector. Within Australia, you may be able to fly cheaper with budget airlines such as Tiger airways, Jetstar or Virgin Blue rather than flying with Qantas. Similarly for domestic travellers within India, there are so many budget airlines such as Kingfisher, Jetlight etc offering dirt cheap flights. Note of caution however when travelling budget airlines is that you need to check if quoted price includes all taxes, carry on luggage, seat allocation and in-flight meals etc, as traditional airlines do not charge extra for these services.

Travel companies such as Go Holiday in conjunction with Air Asia offer holiday packages from Australian cities to many holiday destinations in Malaysia. All these packages can be booked via internet ( Internet booking needs attention to details though, making sure you click the correct date, destination etc. The slightest mistake can cost you money as no refunds are given once the booking order goes through.

Travelling during off peak period also saves significantly, as airlines and hotels offer cheap rates during off peak periods. It will be expensive to travel during school holidays too. Simply avoid travelling during school vacations if you do not have to travel with your children. Basically if you choose not to travel at a time when everyone else travels, you can save money.

Every airline does not fly every day of the week, and often these airlines could be the ones who have got cheapest fares. So it makes sense to check the airline schedule before deciding date of travel. Some airlines offer cheap rates during certain time windows such as after midnight. For example Virgin Blue offers cheap fares during "happy hour" 10.00am to 11.00am Australian EST.

The above various ways to find dirt cheap flights may look a bit messy at times, with so many constraints when planning to travel. Therefore one must strive to look for other avenues which may yield better results. You will certainly be better off by finding short-cuts which reveals more secrets to find better deals.

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