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Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Learn The Italian Language - Effortlessly

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Buon giorno! I just said 'hello' to you! See? It isn't that hard to learn the Italian language at all! When someone speaks to you in Italian, do you just look at them and smile?...but how would you like to rattled off a confident and natural reply - IN ITALIAN- and watch their jaw drop in amazement!

...Now, you too can learn to speak an advanced Italian language confidently and naturally in a dynamic, comprehensive, and proven way that works!

Why do YOU want to learn to speak Italian? Let's see:
* are you thinking of travelling to Italy?
* do you have Italian-speaking friends or an Italian-speaking partner?
* are you looking for better resources to make your Italian learning easier?
* do you need to know some Italian for your business reasons, or maybe an Italian language job that you want, or do you just want to earn more money by being bilingual?
* are you, like me, a big fan of Italian food, wine, and culture, and want to completely immerse yourself more fully in their language?
* do you like to watch Italian language movies or go attend Italian language films with friends or relatives?
* perhaps you simply want to learn for personal pleasure...

Whatever your reasons are, you will get immensely satisfying results FAST...

You'll be able to challenge yourself with conversational Italian by starting to speak the language right away, and in contexts that reflect everyday life in an Italian-speaking environment. At the same time, you'll be able to do so in a comfortable and supportive way.

Would you like to learn Italian rapidly, effectively, and easily. Do you want to be able to speak at the Italiano language restaurant, at a train station, with new friends... in basically every situation you can think of!

I am extremely passionate about learning another language, and for me it is such a privilege to be able to share this training with you. It is a wonderful experience to be able to speak to other people in their own language. You will be able to enter into a different culture, a different world! Being bilingual is a very special ability, and not that hard to learn with a little dedication and commitment from you!

Nearly 300,000 people worldwide have used this unique multimedia course to fast-track their language learning, AND managed to have a whole lot of fun in the process . Why not join in on all the action?

Here's what you will receive in Italian language in your package...

** Component 1: Learn to speak Italian confidently and naturally with a 33-lesson interactive audio course.

The 33 tracks average 25 minutes in length - that is over 13 hours of Italian lessons audio that you can listen to, again and again and again! They cover everything that you need to know to become part of a living, breathing Italian community, from introducing yourself to getting around on public transportation, and a whole lot more in between. Italian people just love it when tourists and travellers speak Italian to them!

Not only do you get the 33 audio tracks, you also get the transcripts of the conversations in Italian and English, so that you can keep up with the lessons and the extra Italian vocabulary relevant to each lesson!.

Learn to listen to, speak, and understand modern Italian with this super effective and ever-popular conversational learning tool!

** Component 2: Find out how easy Italian is with the 31 Language and Culture Lessons featuring lots of embedded audio clips, exercises, activities and more... that's over 110 hours of comprehension!

These lessons will take you on an adventure from being a newbie to being a natural in your Italian-speaking ability. They contain detailed grammar lessons and examples, invaluable cultural notes (that not only help you with what to say and when to say it but also how to act), along with instructions and explanations on written Italian.

And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - this course is packed full of quality step-by-step resources to rapidly advance your learning

** Component 3: You will be able to remember tons of Italian words with a fun 'MegaVocab' Software Learning Game to improve your Italian vocabulary.

Leave the schoolbooks behind and increase the number of Italian words you know with this easy-to-use word recall game. 'MegaVocab' has over 1000 words and 20 topics.

Another feature of 'MegaVocab' is the 'MegaVocab Creator', which lets you add your own extra words and pictures. You can add hundreds of words and pictures with ease...

** Component 4: Understand spoken Italian easily with the 'MegaAudio' Software Game, and learn to recognize those sounds and the proper pronunciation of Italian words. So, learn to recognize the sound of tons of Italian words with 'MegaAudio'...

One of the hardest things about learning a language is in understanding the spoken word. It's all well and good getting the mechanics of it sorted out but if you can't understand what an Italian person is saying then what good is it to you?

With the 'MegaAudio' game you can learn to recognize over 1000 words in an amazingly short period of time. Before long you will be listening to your DVDs in Italian and understanding the entire dialogue...

But wait there's a LOT more.....


So you too can be like the thousands of people that have found out how to easily and effectively learn the Italian language. Then take control of your language learning as mentioned in this article. All you have to do is go here:



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