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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What NOT to do When Moving Internationally

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Moving overseas is generally a very exciting time in your life. However, you know that it's not going to be an easy job. Considering how many things need to be done and the huge change to your life, it's certainly worth taking the time to think about what to realistically expect.

Regardless of your reason for moving, you will never regret doing things the right way. It may only take you a day or two to get to your new country, but it will truly take weeks or months of ocean shipping for your belongings to get there. Don't you think that many people have moved overseas and then realized how many common mistakes they made in the process? Absolutely. Accept the fact that regardless of how well you try to do, you are probably going to make some mistakes. The primary thing is to do as well as possible to avoid added stress, money and time.

1) One major mistake that people make when moving overseas is to think of it as an escape. Making an international move is much different than taking a vacation overseas. Regardless of where one lives, there are going to be stresses, disappointments and problems. As a matter of fact, moving in itself can be quite stressful, perhaps causing you to periodically wonder if you should move at all.

2) Don't be unrealistic about what you are doing. No matter where you live, you are going to have to continue paying bills, working and dealing with relationships. It's important to have a positive mindset and yet know that the move will be stressful at times and also know that day-to-day living will commence. All of your problems are not going to miraculously disappear by making an international move. In fact, it's best to resolve as many issues as possible before moving and therefore, feel like you can move on with your life rather than escaping from current problems.

3) Don't expect things to be the same in your new country, but plan on lots of change. Don't ever forget that you are now the foreigner, the visitor, the stranger in this new country. Just assume that you are going to be misunderstood and make some mistakes. For example, if you are moving to England, you will find that they live by an entirely different set of rules and regulations. Rather than argue or complain about this, just accept the fact that you are no longer in your home country. Also, if you complain or argue too much, people in your new country will begin to dislike you because you will appear arrogant and surly.

4) Do not make negative comments about their cars, food, laws, weather, culture or homes. Slowly acclimate yourself, being kind and courteous at all times. In some countries, people are more formal at first, so accept that and be polite in all circumstances. Do not act arrogant and aggressive, but let it be known that you are new and need some help from time to time. Unless you are absolutely positive of the correct usage, do not use their slang and never try to speak with their accent. You will be amazed at how helpful people will be if you remain respectful and courteous and ask for their assistance.

5) Do not make any long-term commitments to anyone. Your move is likely based on some type of relationship with friends, employers, and business associates. These people are going to try to help you make good choices about moving, getting a job, a home, etc. However, it is important to remember to give yourself plenty of time before making any commitments at all. Don't sign your name on any important contracts until you are certain of what they entail. You need to reserve the right to your own preferences by waiting and avoiding a bad situation later. Take your time and spend a few months, even a year, in your new country before making any major decisions such a buying a home, a job, or a vehicle.

6) Find a reputable international moving company as soon as possible. Most likely, you are going to have to ship by ocean in order to move all of your belongings. You have paid good money for your belongings and you need to know that they will be well taken care of. As soon as you know that you are moving overseas, you need to start getting information from various moving companies. You need to get a minimum of three quotes from reputable international moving companies. It's possible that you do not yet have your visas yet, but representatives from the companies will need time to come to your home and access everything to go on your inventory form. They will need to know about every single thing in your home that needs to be moved.

There are always possible problems, especially during the difficult task of relocating. Thankfully, most of them can be avoided by careful thought and planning. Give yourself plenty of time and realize that although you might make some mistakes along the way, you will soon be in your new country, learning a new culture, and broadening your horizons.

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