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Saturday, May 22, 2010

24 Hours in Rome (2)

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Rome is a city that has a long time of history. You can track the rudiment of history here. In Rome, you should stay in good spirits. You should grasp every minute to get to know the magnificence and glory of Rome. On the full schedule, if you have only one day to tour around Rome, the following things can help you know Rome quickly.

Via del Governo Vecchio

If you cross the Plazza di spagrla from Giorgio de Chirico House-Museum, you will see the window of the guest room of ol' Giorgio as well as the famous Via Condotti where most of those Italian designers get together. However, for the sake of money, I will choose to go to Via del Governo Vecchio which is located in the other side the this city. Although it is not that famous, you can still go shopping happily here. You can buy nearly all things here, from fur to bathing suit.

Walk to Ponte Sisto

The best way to understand a city is to choose some cheap and typical store to go around. Here is a two-hour walking route---start from the noisy and crowded Piazza Navona, walk southward to Campo de' Fiori where you can find coffee shops, daily food and flower market, then you will arrive at Dafarr plaza where there are springs and palaces during Renaissance, next continue you walking until reaching Ponte Sisto. The Ponte bridge here provide you with the best prospective of taking view of the beauty of Rome. Then you can walk across the river Tiber. You can continue your walking. Different kinds of charming things will arrive one by one.


If you feel hungry, but do not have enough time to stop to having lunch, you can try some pizza with which you can eat standing up. There are a lot flake pizza everywhere in Rome. What you should do is to point out the kind of pizza that you want to buy. Apart from the standard Magarit pizza, there are also other kinds of pizza such as potato pizza and pumpkin pizza. My favourite kind of pizza do not has a name. You can taste the eggplant one in Via del Piedi Marmo.

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