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Monday, May 24, 2010

24 Hours in Rome (3)

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Rome is a city that has a long time of history. You can track the rudiment of history here. In Rome, you should stay in good spirits. You should grasp every minute to get to know the magnificence and glory of Rome. On the full schedule, if you have only one day to tour around Rome, the following things can help you know Rome quickly.


Rome is famous for its seven mountains. But actually, it is more than that. Gianicolo provides the best place of viewing Rome for you. It is to the west of river Tiber outside this ancient city. However, it is close to the center of history, little higher than Vatican city. It is breath-taking to see the panoramic view from the peak of the mountains. At noon, the tranquility will be broken by a bombing which is used to mark the precise time. This tradition can trace back to 19th century.


Catholic or not, no one would not feel exhilarated when seeing the pope. He does not always stay. He is likely to stay around us, especially in summer. The noon of every Wednesday is the praying time when the pope will overlook St.Peter's Plaza and speak to people from his window. He meets people every Wednesday morning. If you want to see the pope clearly, remember to bring a binoculars with you because there a lot of people there.

Ristorante Al Presidente

Are you hungry? It is possible for you have outside lunch and supper for eight months in a year because of the mild weather of Rome. Among the restaurants that have terrace, the best one is Ristorante Al Presidente. It is located in the city center, near the president house. It is also well-equipped inside the restaurant.

Ice cream

It is not difficult for you to find ice-cream in the center of Rome. The ice-creams here are always with high quality. Undoubtedly, the best one is Giolitti which is located between Pantheon and Italian parliament. You can order three kinds of ice creams of normal size and sit at the table to enjoy them.

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