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Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Best Annual Festivals in Sicily, Italy

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Italy has had a strong culture and set of traditions since ancient times and there are a host of beautiful festivals which are celebrated in the beautiful region of Sicily, Italy which are a thrilling experience to be enthralled. We bring you five of the best festivals of the city.

Festa Di Sant'Agata: This festival has been dedicated to St. Agata. During Roman encroachment, St. Agata had refused to give up Christianity while opposing the Romans bitterly. This had led to her execution. Citada remembers her with this festival, which takes place between 3rd to 5th February. The fireworks are a breathtaking sight. A parade also takes place, where millions of people participate, holding large candles in their hands.

Ciclo di Spettacoli Classici: The festival of the Greek Theatre, Ciclo di Spettacoli Classici is held in Syracuse during May and June every year. During this festival, the talented dramatic artists of Italy give their performances at the historic Greek Theatre, which was built around 5th century, B.C.

Taormina Arte Festival: The festival, being conducted at Taormina in July and August is a centre for artistic creations and a hustle bustle of creative activities. This festival includes an assortment of many different art forms, such as dramatics, music, painting and the like. You could also chance upon some of the famous vocalists, at their concert.

Festa di Morgana: This is a rare festival, which is held at Museo Internazionale delle Marionette at the city centre once every year. The date of the festival is not fixed, and it keeps changing every year. So one would have to keep an eye on the museum's website for the dates. This festival is all about puppetry, and it brings together all the famous puppeteers, to present their skills and talents at puppetry. The skill and grace which they portray here is unmatched elsewhere.

International Festival of Underwater Activities, Ustica: This celebration takes place every year in July at Ustica, which is a haven for scuba diving enthusiasts. The island is off the Tyrrhenian shores, known for its volcanoes and underwater scenic beauty. This region is blessed with the most breathtakingly beautiful underwater caves. Divers can explore these bounties of nature, on this day which is dedicated to the wonderful sights that exist under water. The festivals of Sicily are beautiful, just as the place itself!

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