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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Love Touring Rome, Italy - Hotels In The Esqualino District

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I Love Touring Rome, Italy - Hotels In The Esqualino District

The Esquilino area of southeastern Rome is named for the Esquiline hill. This lovely area is known for some special churches including the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore dating back to the Fifth Century, which contains mosaics and marble columns from that era. It is the only one of the four Roman Basilicas retaining the original structure. It sits on a Piazza of the same name. The Egyptian obelisk in the Piazza's center comes from the Emperor Augustus's mausoleum. When you tour the Ninth Century Santa Prassede Church note its frescoes and coffered ceiling. The Palazzo Brancaccio, completed in 1912, making it the last noble palace built in Rome. It hosts the National Collection of Oriental Art. The Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is the largest Piazza in Europe. So if ever direction givers say you can't miss it, they are right. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified all website addresses making sure that they include English-language pages.

The Bed and Breakfast Cialdini Inn is on the fourth floor of an elevator serviced building right in the heart of this area. It is very close to the Termini Station. For some reason the Inn's prices vary almost daily, but in general they are quite reasonable by Roman standards. There are two rooms that were renovated in 2007 and a lovely garden. The address is Via Enrico Cialdini, 14 - 00185 - Rome.

The Hotel Santa Prassede has twenty rooms, singles doubles, triples, and quads, in an independent building. Its reception area is open 24 hours a day. There is a breakfast room. They advertise themselves as one of the best two star hotels in Rome. The address is Via di Santa Prassede, 25 - 00184 - Rome.

As you might guess from its name, the Hotel Antico Palazzo Rospigliosi is located in a historic palace, one built in 1585. Their website contains lots of interesting information describing the building's owners over the centuries. This brand new four-star hotel is located next to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Its courtyard has a pond and a fountain and the hotel boasts a bar, a restaurant, and a conference room. There are 39 rooms, most with a courtyard view. Some of its rooms overlook the Basilica. When you relax in the reading room remember that it was once a Cardinal's living room. The address is Via Liberiana, 22 - 00185 - Rome.

The Hotel Gallia is situated in a majestic Nineteenth Century palace quite close to the Basilica. It has facilities for the handicapped, a reading room, a bar, and a panoramic terrace. It offers single, double, and triple rooms. The address is Via di Santa Maria Maggiore, 143 - 00185 - Rome.


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