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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visit Corsica

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Remote Figari, an authentic Corsican town which has gone up in reputation combined with the growth in use of the neighboorhood international airport. The primary location for travellers heading off down to this island's exquisite shorelines, Figari carries a specific charm of its own to offer. Look at enjoying a relaxed morning or two eating as well as checking out the town and rounded off through an equally tranquil day at the close by lovely unspoilt beach locations of St Guilia and Palombaggia. A mere 10 miles drive away can be found the attractive seaside destination of Bonifacio.

Flanked with extensive fantastic grape vines, olive groves coupled with strips of farm terrain, Figari?s really a picture of rural excellence and tranquillity equalling the benefits of a calming beachfront getaway easily.

Sun-drenched Figari can be found on the south-west area of Corsica within an away from the coast location and has a plentiful collection of gorgeous coffee shops, enchanting shops and fascinating hikes.

A short length away, ancient Bonifacio is more than an hour's drive across mountainous landscape out of Figari. Very good news if you're a bird but not so great if you're really not an enthusiastic mountain driver. Have no fear, for driver's bravado pays off in the form of a magnificent cosmopolitan plus eye-catching seaside city. There is an aged town area?n which minor streets cross and a lot of traditional eateries show up from nowhere to provide welcoming meals and localized food. There's a amazing harbour offering up more cafes as well as bars and posh outlets, together with an intriguing 18th century area everything apparently balancing on top of the cliffs of South-Eastern Corsica.

When visiting Bonafacio, once the medieval points of interest grow to be tiring, you'll find the beach locations to take pleasure from within the region's Northern shores as well as the alternative to board a pretty little charter boat and make for neighbouring Sardinia and the Iles de Lavezzi.

As you're in Corsica, you need to check out Bastia. The community and French commune, being situated in the north of Corsica, is a fair drive up coming from the southern area of Figari. The administrative centre in the Haute-Corse region, the city was till 1790 the capital of the island too. Among other items, Bastia is particularly famous due to the fantastic wine and port. It's a enjoyable vacation place which is perfect for touring Corsica and even Mediterranean island hopping.

Offering 340 complete days of shining sun per year, comparatively pristine Bastia could be the Mediterranean's best kept secret. Enjoy its tranquillity whilst it is maintained.

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