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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Citylife" Park in Milan

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By Guido Alliata

The machine was set in motion. The brains went into action. The creative capacity of the Milanese is ready to be tested. Carlo Masseroli, Consultant for the Development Planning of the City of Milan, has thrown the stone, we will see who will collect it.

There is every intention to continue the park project "CityLife", for the construction of which it is required a direct intervention of the ideas of those invited to redevelop certain areas of the city.

Later this year, just before December 2010, the final draft should be drawn. A total number of five designers will be involved in this delicate operation, before the final decision is made by the commission appointed by the City of Milan.

What will emerge will be a park of about 55.000 square meters, to be included within an area of 170,000 square meters with a construction cost of approximately 17 million euros. These, in essence, the numbers operation. The Assessor is proud of what will become the largest pedestrian area in Europe.

The deadline for submitting applications is June 30. On July 9, the appointed designers will be selected.

Certainly the work will be neither easy nor of fast implementation. It is believed that the first section of the park, and only one, will be completed within two and a half years. The leaders have also had to revise the target set within the urban agglomerations, which have in fact undergone a change of direction during the construction. The Milan city direction, given the economic crisis that Italy is experiencing, to allocate the skyscrapers planned in the park, more to residential solutions instead of offices. Most likely, therefore, in Citylife there will be an hotel and many new apartments, which manufacturers have already begun to sell in advance.

The new park to be implemented in the Fair area will also include recreational activities aimed at children, as the old exhibition hall will be renamed the "Palace of Sparks" and will be destined to become a cultural center dedicated mainly to children.

This is not the only work that the City of Milan is pursuing. Several projects are planned, some already begun, others to start, others only designed and presented. Well, Milan certainly is a city in ferment, ready to review the intended use of certain important areas, ready to transform the city center, to submit, to its citizens, strong projects that will change the face of the area permanently.

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Guido Alliata has been working in the Real Estate industry for the past 10 years. He has developed a strong experience in the business luxury end of the market, managing properties in the most important cities in the world. Rentclass, thanks to its founder established a network of agencies that make it possible to rent an apartment in London, Milan, Moscow, Paris... almost everywhere.

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