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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you find yourself wondering what Italian homes are like? Interestingly enough, there is no real answer. Because Italy has such a long and rich history, the styles of Italian homes vary widely. Not just because of the long history, the many different regions of Italy all have their own unique architecture and style as well. Houses in Piedmont will not look anything like houses in Tuscany, which will look nothing like houses in Sicily. What makes this so fascinating is going through and seeing all the different European influences that have affected the architectural styles of different regions.

Because the styles vary so much, if you're looking at purchasing a home in Italy for yourself; it really pays to do your research. If you absolutely love Tuscan decorating and design, then houses in Campania are probably going to disappoint you. The good news is that this research is incredibly fun. Basically, you just have to look at houses in all the different regions of Italy, and decide which ones you like best. If anyone gives you a hard time for looking at so many pictures, just tell them you're doing research!

Another aspect of Italian homes is deciding on what kind of contemporary style you want. As you get further away from the cities and into the more rural areas, the houses will be much older and traditional. In the major cities, the homes will be updated with a much more contemporary and modern feel, though still with a slight Italian flair. Because of this difference, it might pay to pick a location first and then just budget for renovations. After all, you can always change the interior style of the house; but it's very difficult to move it.

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