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Monday, July 12, 2010

What To Do With A Wine Collection After Divorce?

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By: Kevin Preble

Wine And Divorce
The reality is that one out of two marriages dissolves into a bitter battle over everything, including the wine collection. Often, where former spouses disagree, the wine is simply divided down the middle or it is ordered to be sold. Rarely is there an equitable division, either because one spouse knows more than the other or because the court system is strained to the point that someone's "labor of love," his or "baby," is not considered relevant to the point of accounting for each precious bottle of the nectar of the gods.
Tedious Operations and Care

Wine is an investment, and not everyone enjoys the wait or has the space and money to keep the wine. Some have no interest in wine in the first place. The obvious choice for freeing up time, space, and capital is to sell the wine collection. But where can you sell a wine collection? How do you go about finding a place for all those bottles without tying up hours, days or even weeks of precious time? There are ways to do this easily and there are ways which will be cumbersome, difficult and frustrating.
Selling a wine collection directly to stores may not be a viable option. Wine shops usually require a valid liquor license to sell wine. Also, when selling across state lines, regulators may call for additional licenses and requirements because of varying state laws on the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.
Wine and the Internet
A more convenient and efficient method of selling wine is through the Internet. It can be an answer to profitably disposing of a wine collection. There is always a risk in selling wine through the internet. Sellers don't know who they are dealing with until they near the end of the deal. They may either get ripped off or get bogged down in lengthy arbitrations and court proceedings. It is important to understand how to deal with people on the internet before beginning any transaction.
One can find wine buyers to help sell a wine portfolio at a fair price on the internet; however, do not trust just any wine buyer. Look out for any promises the buyer may make such as "too good to be true" deals they may offer. Discuss the transaction with the buyer. Ask details about your wine collection to see how much they know. Find out how he came into being a wine buyer. Finally, iron out the details of your transaction with the buyers and consider using an escrow company so that you are assured that if the transaction doesn't go as planned, you and your wine collection are protected.
Being vigilant can save you a great deal of time, money, and peace-of-mind, and if you are going through a divorce, these are probably all already in short supply.

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