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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cheap City Break in Venice

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By: Asif Khan
Holidays in Venice is possibly the most romantic city you'll ever visit. It is almost redundant to describe the charms of this fabulous floating city, surrounded by hundreds of tiny canals. While wandering through the maze of footpaths or sitting back in a gondola and exploring the city by water, be sure to stop and visit San Marco Square, the famous Rialto Bridge, the elegant Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. Venice is truly a place like no other, with its quaint alleyways, waterways and way of life.

Once you've reached the historic district, you may be surprised that, though there are no automobiles, getting around the city is relatively simple. While most tourists prefer to walk and take in all the sites, water transportation is the most popular way to get around the city quickly and serves as an adventure all its own. The most common means of water riding are the waterbus and water taxi, public boats that run consistently throughout the day and can be boarded with a ticket. Those planning on staying for longer periods of time can purchase Cartavenezia cards, which offer both convenience and a discounted riding fare. If romance and authenticity is what you're looking for, traditional Venetian gondolas are available, but expect to pay quite a price.
Piazza San Marco
St. Mark's Square is a popular tourist attraction and also is the most important square in Venice. The square also has Basilica, clock tower, major religious and political construction, shops, bars and amazing cafes such as café Quadri and café Florian. The square is usually crowded with lots of tourists and visitors holidaying in Venice as well as large flock of pigeons.
You will be able to find almost every sort of hotel in Venice. Some Venice hotels are budget hotels, while some are specially designed with a corporate look. If are looking forward for something lavish at the dazzling destination, opt for multi-star hotels in Venice, which are ready to offer you the most impeccable services. Comfortable beds, aromatic ambiance, flawless service, good food, plush spas and top quality gym are the normal features of these hotels.
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