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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Iron Age Grave Site Discovered Near Novo Mesto - 29 July 2010 - Guide2Slovenia News

Novo mesto, Novo mestoImage via WikipediaIron Age Grave Site Discovered Near Novo Mesto - 29 July 2010 - Guide2Slovenia News

Iron Age Grave Site Discovered Near Novo Mesto29 July 2010

A dual grave from the 4th century BC was discovered at an archaeological site near the city of Novo mesto in the Dolenjsko region (SE) on Monday. The archaeologists assume a man and a woman were buried together.

Since there were no skeletal remains in the grave the scientists had to make their assumptions on the basis of the objects found in the grave.

Finds such as this are very rare in the Halstatt culture area, two have been found near Novo mesto. The grave contained objects such as glass and amber beads, clay pots and weapons, said the head of excavations Borut Kriz of the Dolenjska Museum.

The reason for such double burials is still disputed. There could have been ritual reasons, as it had been recorded by the "father of history" Herodot for the people living in the Balkans, there could have been emotions or something completely different, curator Kriz added.

The area where the grave was discovered, the Kapiteljska field, is a rich archaeological site where in the three decades of excavation 36 sepulchral mounds, 300 Late-Bronze-Age urns and 700 Halstatt urns had been found.

The excavations, sponsored by the Novo mesto municipality and the Ministry of Culture, have been carried out throughout by the Dolenjska Museum. President Danilo Tuerk has also visited the excavation site.


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