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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Switzerland - A tourist's paradise

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Switzerland does not need any introduction in any manner whatsoever, being a favourite of tourists from around the world, including even the Europeans. Such is the beauty of this destination, that despite the chilling cold, finding a reservation in hotels is really a daunting task. Following is a brief about some of the 'hotspots' of the country.
Basel: The best time to visit the city of Basel is in the summers, even though popular notion is that the city is famous for its Fasnacht and Vogel Gryff festivals in spring and winter. The reason for such a reasoning is that it is precisely during this season that the local population shows its true colours by hanging around the multitude of fountains in the city, driving past their stylish motor scooters, and drinking and dining on the pavements, which are already overcrowded, much to the surprise of a tourist from any part of the world. To an average tourist, the city, also known as Bâle in French, and occasionally Basle in English, is a great place to visit because of its art galleries and fantastic examples of modern architecture. But even for those who don't have such tastes, it's a worthwhile visit.

Lucerne: According to a popular legend, an angel with a light guided the first settlers of Lucerne regarding where they should build a chapel. So profound is the setting of this town, that even someone who does not have much belief in the concept of god would gape at awe at its splendour. Having a breathtaking lake (to say the least) in its 'premises', Lucerne, which was once a small fishing village, rests within itself and its Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) the essence of Switzerland. Its primary importance was as a rest stop of sorts while en route to the Alps (between the 13th and 19th centuries). After this, tourists just kept pouring in, and Lucerne found its way to the top rather easily.
Bern: One can't spend too much time in Bern without hearing or reading about UNESCO, for the capital of Switzerland is so proud of its medieval town centre being declared as a world heritage site by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization! Walking on the city's topsy-turvy streets that have tall 15th century buildings, one will feel as if he is in another dimension. The surrounding hills give a fantastic view of the parallel rows of red roofs that are interspersed on a relatively small stretch of land at the bend of the Aare river. However, unlike other global capitals like Canberra in Australia, Bern, which has two different nomenclatures in French and English (Berne), only got so much prominence since it was easy for French and German speakers to agree on when the new Swiss Confederation came into being in 1848, and this is precisely the reason it is still a provincial town, having a parliament.
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