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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Spain

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By Chris J Anderson

If you are looking for the truest Latin Romance with all its glory, beauty, and valor, Spain is just the place to start looking. Here are top five tourist attractions in Spain apart from the must visit Beach, Cadiz and La Fiesta, in Ibiza.
1. Golden Art Triangle, Madrid.

2. Alcazar, Seville.

3. Barri Gotic, Barcelona.

4. Paella, Valencia.

5. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.
The Gold Art Triangle consists upon de El Museo, El Prado and La Reina Sofia. This region produced one of most significant art in history of man kind. You can enjoy the great sights and sounds being here so close with art from all period and styles.
While most of tourist start in Barcelona for its energetic night life and music, there are great surprises that you will also find here in shape beautiful beaches and volcanoes in Astorga. The Chiliad Leku Museum is wonderful site for its living sculptures that might give you chance to even try being living sculpture for one day too.
The Barri Gothic experience will leave you amazed for sure with astounding gothic building style and haunting castles. Being here you will easily realize the reason why the architecture of Barcelona has been such great influence for so many artists and architects.
The Picasso Museum contains all the great works of the most popular painter in history. The fun part of being here is that you can find some of lesser known work of great artist alongside the world known masterpieces like sunflowers here. One caution about being here is that you should try to reach the museum early as most of the tourists can not complete the whole experience in one or two visits.
The Moorish Palaces can easily take you to another time instantly. You can see some of great examples of remains in Seville. Renting a less expensive room in here could be the right thing as you will not be going back. Most tourists spend their time just roaming in once the royal quarters astounding beauty. The Spanish food is delight to have right from the Paella, to freshest salads and most sumptuous roasts with local wine that is just perfect.
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