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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holidays in Hauts-De-Seine, Ile-DeFrance

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By Phil Hanlon

Hauts-de-Seine, literally translated as the heights of the Seine, is an area of the Ile de France on the outskirts of Paris. There are a number of modern commuter and business towns in the area as well as historic buildings and areas of natural beauty. The Hauts-de-Seine is also home to the world-famous Sevres porcelain.
La Defense
La Defense is a modern town, full of skyscrapers and office buildings, on the edge of Paris, which can be reached on the city's Metro system. The open space between the major buildings often hosts outdoor art exhibitions, but the main attraction is the Grand Arche de la Defense. Constructed in a direct line with the Arc de Triomphe and the Petit Arch de Triomphe in the Tuileries Gardens, the Grand Arche offers great views not only over La Defense, but over the whole city of Paris too. The attraction is perhaps not a great idea for those with a fear of heights, as the glass lift ascends up the centre of the arch, but it's well worth keeping going for the view at the top.

Sevres Porcelain
The porcelain-manufacturing factory was founded in the 18th century and is still making beautiful items today. There is a museum attached to the factory, with examples from history of the artefacts produced there. Some very famous artists have worked at the Sevres porcelain plant over the years, including Auguste Rodin and Serge Poliakoff. There are 50,000 items of pottery and earthenware in the museum, of which 5,000 were made at Sevres.
Parks and Gardens
The St Cloud Park is a laid-out garden, which extends over 460 hectares. The area is decorated with ponds, waterfalls and even sculptures. There are many routes throughout the park that you can either walk around leisurely or go for a jog. The gardens around the Chateau de Sceaux features a grand canal lined with trees. In the summer the orangery in the grounds hosts a music festival. Finally, the Meudon Forest is a huge area of tress and paths, which can be explored on foot or on bicycle. The town of Meudon itself is home to a number of museums, including one dedicated to the local artist Rodin the region's art and history museum. There is even a historic observatory in the town and many tree-lined streets with outdoor cafes in the summer.
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