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Friday, December 17, 2010

Nightlife in Rome

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Author: Asif Khan

Rome is one of the Italian cities with major Mediterranean flavour. Thanks to its pleasant climate and its charming people, it enjoys a large influx of tourists. It has a quiet nightlife, but the lacks of the night are compensated with its cultural and archaeological attractions. Though, the party lovers will not be disappointed if they go to the indicated locals. Even the most demanding people would be happy having a relaxing stroll under the moonlight in some of its squares or a walk along the Tiber River.
While nightlife in Rome holidays takes place most commonly around the dinner table, the bar scene is pretty varied and offers something for everyone. Many of the city's pubs are quiet havens for a mid-afternoon pint, yet transform into virtual nightclubs after dinner, often attracting a crowd nostalgic for home-style drunkenness.
The bars on Campo de' Fiori are filled with Italians sipping coffee by day and invaded by raucous exchange students by night. The Drunken Ship, Sloppy Sam's and a cluster of other bars attract quite a fun-loving crowd.
Bar Del Fico - This nightclub is very popular amongst the artistic crowd in the city, and is located at the Piazza Del Fico. The club serves up a heady blend of great music and well mixed drinks, making it very popular among young crowds. The Bar Del Fico is also a popular hangout for many of the famous artists and actors from around Italy.
Shopping, dining, and drinking in Rome are not difficult ventures; however, though Rome's vibrant nightlife is an experience of its own, the historical and cultural attractions of the city definitely triumph the city's nightlife scene.
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