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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rent a Villa in Liguria to Combine Italian Glamour With Rustic Charm

Portofino, a small Italian fishing village on ...

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By []Dipika Patel

If you enjoy visiting glamorous locations then choose to rent a villa in Liguria and you'll find the location is no exception.

The birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Liguria is one of Italy's smallest regions, but also one of its most exclusive. The stunning coastline is a big draw for tourists, as are the many elegant resorts in the area.

You could find the region the perfect place to book a stay at a holiday cottage in Italy, whether you want to explore the area's glamorous side or prefer the nation at its most rustic, for you can find both here.

The most famous part of Liguria is the coastline, which is rugged and rocky in parts, but sandy and white in others. Split into two sections, the Riviera di Levante runs from the capital of Genoa to La Spezia, while the Riviera di Ponente spans the distance from France to Genoa.

The latter has been frequented for years by the glamorous and wealthy looking to relax at its elegant resorts like San Remo, while the former is where you can find some of the region's hidden gems and visit authentic fishing villages like Portofino.

Visiting the Riviera di Levante is a good way to experience the rustic side of the area, taking in sights like medieval hill towns, such as San Salvatore, and cliff hanging terraces. A particularly popular attraction in these parts is the Cinque Terre - five formerly isolated villages that require a trek up the cliffs and through groves to reach for some stunning views over the coast.

You might also want to visit the region's capital of Genoa, too, to take in Italy's largest commercial and naval port as well as plenty of medieval architecture. There are also countless historic churches in the centre, such as the striking Santo Stefano.

A must-visit when you call in at Genoa is New Street, or Strada Nuova, which is now known as the Via Garibaldi. The famous road was once occupied by wealthy inhabitants who set up their palaces here in the 1500s and is now maintained as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

And of course, be sure to sample some of the exquisite Italian cuisine while in the region. Liguria is well-known for its basil pesto sauce, which can be served with pasta, as well as for its sweet bread filled with raisins, nuts and candied fruit called pandolce genovese.

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