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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Miss When Taking A Vacation At Andalucia

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By []Jo Alelsto

Spain has a lot of beautiful sights and Andalucia happens to have some of the best. It is the southern region of this warm European country. It has perfectly warm and dry climate which attracts tourists all over the world. The beaches are outstanding and the countryside landscapes are breathtaking. The culture is rich and the people are welcoming. Andalucia has the best sights, both natural and man-made. You can see the Granada's Moorish Monuments Alhambra or relish the sight of Cordoba Mosque. You don't have to worry about where to stay because Andalucian villas are all around.

You cannot miss the festivals in Andalucia, most of which are celebrated in mid-spring to autumn. So if you are spending vacation sometime from April to October, you might witness some of the colorful and traditional festivals in this southern region of Spain.

Andalucia is an outstanding Spanish region. Its people have preserved their culture and customs. Some of the popular cities include Seville, Malaga, Cordoba, Almeria, and Granada. If you stay long enough, you might just capture the rich tradition of the region and mingle with its hospitable people. Traveling around the region is easy because there are various modes of transportation: buses, taxis, and cars for rent.
Southern Spain is hot and dry during summer and you may want to stay somewhere shady during high noon till mid-afternoon. You may take your siesta during hot afternoons inside air-conditioned rooms. All villas are equipped with air-conditioning systems to keep indoors comfortably cool. Lavish accommodations are typical of luxury villas. Andalucia has great vacation homes for people with different preferences.

The sun, however, is the reason why staying at beach resorts is a good thing. People just want to exploit the sunny weather and bask under the sun in white sand beaches of Andalucian coasts.

You should not miss historic sites of Andalucia. People in southern Spain have preserved their heritage despite the urbanization. For example, Baetica is a popular historical city built by Romans. If you are staying in Seville, find time to see the palace of Real Alcazar and La Giralda. The La Mezquita architecture in Cordoba is also a must-see. In Granada, you should go to the Moorish Palace which is one thousand three hundred years old. If you are touring the coastal cities, find time to visit the oldest port of Europe known as port of Cadiz.

Andalucian vacation is not just about visiting the historical sites because this Spanish region also abounds in natural wonders. You should not miss a visit to Parque Nacional del Cote Donana which happens to be the biggest wetland reserve for wildlife in the world. Speaking of breathtaking landscapes earlier, you might just be excited to know that the highest mountain range in Spain is in Andalucia. It's called Sierra Nevada.

No matter where you stay in Andalucia, you will surely enjoy your vacation. Choose to stay in one of the Estepona or Marbella villas or any luxury villa in this region of Spain.

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