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Monday, January 10, 2011

Prague: The Weekend Destination for the Entire Family

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By Nathan Oram
Prague is a breathtaking city in Bohemia and tourists are gradually becoming more conscious about it. For those, who prefer the sun and the earthiness of nature to the flashy crowd of huge metropolitans, Prague this is the place to head for. A weekend in Prague can rejuvenate both the mind and the soul, so and do make plans to visit this amazing city the next time you are planning a weekend with your family. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic so it has all the amenities and advantages of a big city, but the beauty is untainted by commercialization. It has everything to offer for people of every age and your family will simply love a weekend in this fascinating city.
The Vltava River flows by this city and the adjacent hills provide a charming backdrop. The highest of these, the Petrin gives you a breathtaking view of the entire city and you are sure to be mesmerized. The climate of Prague is warm and comfortable and continental climate makes your visit pleasant at any time of the year.
When you think about going for sightseeing in this historic city, there is possibility that you will be left highly confused regarding where to start. The city has some of the most amazing collections of art workartwork and some breathtaking architecture. and s Some of the sites have been listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and that list too is steadily increasing. You just have to visit the Prague Castle along with St. Vitus Cathedral and then there is the huge Astronomical Clock. The Old Town Square and the Lennon Wall are also places of must visit on your Prague weekend. The Josefov and the Mala Strana are regularly visited by locals and tourists alikeLocals and tourists alike regularly visit the Josefov and the Mala Strana, and the Museum of Decorative Arts is filled with historic artifacts and great works of art, seeing all of which them is a very enriching experience. The National Library and the National Gallery are also important for these same reasons.
The city ies also hosts innumerable music and dance festivals, and so try to plan your weekend in Prague when you can at least catch some of the celebrations like the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival or the Summer Shakespeare Festival, the Prague Folklore Days or the World Roma Festival. These are the cultural high points of the city along with many others and the food and people will make your stay extra pleasant.
The city is also relatively cheaper than most other European cities, which is why you can enjoy yourself contentedly even on a modest budget. The beauty of the place beckons the tourists back to it and then it is guaranteed that even you would want to return to this city once again, this time for an entire vacation.
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