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Monday, January 10, 2011

Romance on the Cards

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By Thom Sanders

With the onset of Valentine's day and a huge buzz around weddings this year, thanks to announcements not only from the Royals William and Kate, and Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips, this year is set to be one of the most couple-focused we've had for some time. So watch out boys, the pressure is on. The ultimate in romantic gestures is going to be no easy contest. Not only will stag do's now have to rival the Royals' and wedding dresses have to match up to potential princesses' but you're going to have to successfully shift the focus onto the miracle of you and your lady, and not the next best thing as demonstrated by other loved-up duos suddenly ready to tie the knot.
Whilst Mr Tindall preferred to propose at home, unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, the world and its sister will know that Wills chose a more memorable spot during a holiday at a luxury safari lodge in Kenya. And Africa certainly seems to be the theme. Perhaps it's after visits to watch the World Cup last year that has provided another surge in popularity again this year. Prince Harry is said to be organising William's stag do in Cape Town, where he and William both have other friends. Somebody must know something we don't.

But in your quest to out-do the others, you won't want to follow the crowd that much. In keeping with the Africa theme, forget the stag-do, why not honeymoon there instead? This vast continent boasts some incredible experiences, made all the more special when you're with your favourite person in the world. The more adventurous should consider a visit to Uganda - also known as the undiscovered pearl of Africa, and it's not difficult to see why. As a country much less discovered than others, this area of the world has some seriously captivating scenery - important for those perfect but not 'too posed' honeymoon photos.
Ugandais a landscape of deep lakes, towering mountains and thick rainforests. It is home to wildlife that can be found nowhere else, boasting the world's greatest concentration of primates. Basking in its newfound political stability, Uganda offers a more intimate and adventurous type of getaway; the perfect combination for a honeymoon. What better way to celebrate your marriage than with a Gorilla safari? You're almost guaranteed to win the most interesting newlywed experience prize that way. Gorilla safaris provide the perfect opportunity to watch primate love unfurl, beautifully and complete. Forget the flashiness and leave out the glam. When you're lost deep within nature to celebrate one of the most natural sentiments on earth, you could do far worse than to find yourselves here. And if you want to keep with the theme, that's the stag do costumes sorted too. Luxury safaris but not as you know it; just watch how her eyes will sparkle.
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