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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visit Medieval Bruges - A Great Travel Destination

Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, BelgiumImage via Wikipedia
By Jason Markum
There are basically two or three different types of vacations that you can go on these days, either by yourself or with your family. The first type of vacation is the sad and ordinary vacation that just about everybody else goes on to the major vacation spots around the world.
These places include Disney World, the Grand Canyon, Silver Dollar City, or either your regular major European spots or your regular tropical beach destinations.
The other type of vacation you can go on is something a little bit out of the ordinary and hopefully I can convince you to take a look at Bruges today, as one of those slightly less than ordinary holiday destinations.
First of all, what is it?
Bruges is known as the Venice of the North. It is located in Northern Europe in the country of Belgium which not a lot of people think about as a travel destination... but they should!
The town has many canals crisscrossing throughout. It has a historic center with cobbled streets and quaint gabled houses that are a real treat to explore.
Back in the day, this town was a major commercial center, especially within the wool industry and eventually the financial industry as well.
What else can you do there besides walk around then enjoy the canals and the scenery? Bruges has a pretty good art collection as well as Europe's highest spire which contains a sculpture by Michelangelo of the Madonna (not the singer!).
While you're there be sure to check out the Basilica of the holy blood. Their claim to fame is that they claim to have a vial that is supposed to have some of the blood of Christ and it. Whether you believe in that sort of thing are not, it's still something interesting to see!
Also while you're there check out the Groeninge Museum that has quite a few famous paintings.
Easiest way to get there is either by train or by car from Brussels.
If you're into historic sites, and you're sick and tired of the overcrowded tourists continually flooding the Venice scene and are looking for a similar canal experience; then Bruges is probably exactly what you're looking for. Check it out today and I don't think you'll be disappointed!
Why vacation in the same boring spots that everyone else goes to? Try something a little out of the ordinary. Otherwise you might as well stay home! And no one really wants to do that... Bruges won't let you down.
Jason has been writing articles online for nearly 14 years. When not writing about travel, he runs a very helpful Espresso Machine web site where he reviews and finds deals on Espresso Accessories for any type of home espresso needs.

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