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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Casa Di Guilletta

Juliet's purported balcony, in Verona. Beneath...Image via Wikipedia
By Pollux Parker

When in Verona, Italy it is impossible not to think about Romeo and Juliet, one of the most, if not the most, popular lovers in history. Just off Piazza delle Erbe, one can find Casa di Guilletta or Juliet's House. It is believed that this is the house where Juliet Capulet lived. The house has been a popular tourist destination attracting mostly those who still believe in romance.
Built in the 13th century, the house has belonged to the dell Capello family for many years. Maybe because of the resemblance of their name with that of Shakespeare's famous character that fueled the belief that this was where Juliet resided. In the 1930s, renovation was done on the house which added the windows, medieval doors and balcony. The balcony, being a late addition, has been subject of much debate.
Standing in the courtyard is a bronze statue of Juliet; it is probably one of the highlights of one's visit. It is a popular tradition for visitors to rub the right breast because it is believed to bring good fortune. That is why the right bosom of the statue is more polished than the rest of her body.

Another highlight of the visit is seeing the numerous notes and letters addressed to Juliet on the walls of the entrance. This is more popularly known as Juliet's wall. It is a place where people can leave letters or messages seeking Juliet's advice on their love problems.
A small museum, displaying antiques from the 16th and 17th century, can be found inside the house. The items featured all refer to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, however, it is not verified that the Capulets ever owned the said items.
Being a favorite tourist destination, a visit to Juliet's House should be planned in order to avoid the crowds. The best time to visit would be early morning or late afternoon. Entering the courtyard is free but an entrance fee is required if you want to go inside the house. Casa di Guilletta is open every day until 7:30pm, except on Mondays when they are open only in the afternoon.
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