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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sicily Weather is Perfect For Vacationing, Almost Any Time of the Year

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By James Iozia

If you are planning a Sicily vacation, you may be interested in the common Sicily weather. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, although there is snow on Mount Etna in the wintertime. It is much cooler in the wintertime in the northern mountains, but the mean temperature across the island ranges from 50 (F) in the winter to 84 in the summer.
The Mediterranean climate is similar to the climate that prevails in much of Southern California and parts of southwestern Australia. This type of climate allows the land to recover quickly from floods and fires.
The growing season is especially long and is one of the reasons that Sicily has been referred to as "God's kitchen". The abundance of foodstuff that grows on the island is incredible. No Sicily vacation would be complete without sampling the cuisine.

In addition to the Sicily weather, the frequent eruptions of Mount Etna are responsible for the unique flavors of the fruits and vegetables that grow on the islands. Some varieties of grapes and artichokes exist nowhere else in the world. The lettuce is particularly tender and has a flavor reminiscent of milk. Volcanic eruptions fertilizing the fields are responsible for soil that is particularly rich and well suited for many types of plant foods.
Although any season of the year is appropriate for a Sicily vacation, most people visit during the summer months. Hotels typically classify May through August as the "in season" and January through March as the off-season. If you have the ability to travel during the off-season, you will find that the hotels and beaches are less crowded.
Since the Sicily weather is relatively mild during those months of the year, you can still enjoy much of what the island has to offer. Rainfall is highest during October and November, but you can expect to see rain from January to March. Plan ahead and pack accordingly.
Any time of the year, a Sicily vacation is simply unforgettable. The ruins are well preserved. There are numerous museums and shopping opportunities. Festivals occur somewhere in just about every month of the year.
Agritourism and culinary travel is growing in popularity. You can stay on a working farm or take hands-on cooking classes. The opportunities are practically unlimited. But, check the Sicily weather forecasts before you leave, just in case something unusual is going on.
James has loved Sicily for as far back as he can remember and he returns to this island paradise every chance he gets. His grandparents came to America from this beautiful land in the early 1900's, bringing with them all the tradition and passion that is Sicily. From the beautiful beaches and Roman architecture, to the heavenly food and romantic charm, he hopes you will come to love Sicily as much as he does. Stop by for a visit at

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