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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Places to Visit in Brussels

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By Krishan Chand

Brussels is a most popular city of Belgium and the most populous too. Brussels is the largest urban area of Belgium and also the capital city of European Union (EU). This city has grown from tenth century and today is one of the most fantastic places around the world. In Brussels you will experience an oceanic climate. Millions of people come around to this place in a year and enjoy themselves fully. The main language spoken in Brussels is Dutch. If you ever come across to Brussels, there is lot of fabulous and sensational places to visit and top 10 amongst them are -
1. Manneken Pis - As Eiffel Tower represented Paris and statue of Liberty represented New York, like these Manneken Pis is to Brussels. Although the tiny shape of a peeing boy is unmatched to the two enormous landmarks as far as size and spectacular effect, the Manneken Pis is just as dear to the hearts of residents of its home city.

2. Abbaye de la Cambre - This is also wonderful place to visit and it is the village of Ixelles, established by the sister of the Cistercian Order.
3. Anderlecht Beguinage - The beguinages were small community of women of countries like Germany, France, Netherlands and Belgium. These communities contain houses, gardens, public buildings, churches etc.
4. Eglise du Beguinage - It is a famous church and landmark for visitors.
5. St Michael and Gudula Cathedral - This place is located on the border of upper Brussels and lower Brussels.
6. La Monnaie - This is an opera house with ancient structure and the centre for culture life in Brussels.
7. Cantillon Brewery - This is one of Brussels' most genuine traditional family breweries.
8. Justus Lipsius Building - This is a giant building made up of steel and glass and looks mind-blowing in a shiny day.
9. King Baudouin Stadium - It is in north-western part of Belgium.
10. Anderlecht Convent - The Anderlecht Convent Museum contains a priceless collection of trendy art and religious history.
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