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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Florence and Art - The Site of Unbound Artistry

Michelangelo's David (original statue)Image via Wikipedia<a class="zem_slink" href=",11.25&spn=1.0,1.0&q=43.7833333333,11.25%20%28Florence%29&t=h" title="Florence" rel="geolocation">Florence</a> and Art - The Site of Unbound Artistry
By Annette Labedzki

Florence - The City

Initially named as Florentia, Julius Caesar originally established Florence in 59 BC as a settlement for his veteran soldiers. It was therefore, built in the style of an army camp. Presently, it is the capital city on the banks of River Arno in the region of Tuscany, North Italy. Florence is one of Tuscany's most populous cities with around 3,67,000 inhabitants.
The Activity Log

The Golden Age of Florentine Art began in around 1000 AD. Most aptly known as the 'Athens of the Middle Age,' the city is famous for its art and architecture from the Middle Ages (5th-16th centuries) and the European Renaissance (1300-1600). In fact, it was considered the origin point of the Italian Renaissance (1490's-1600). Ruled by the powerful Italian Medici Family and being the capital of Italy from 1865-70, it was also one of the biggest centers of business and trade in Italy. In 1982, UNESCO declared the Historic Centre of Florence as a World Heritage Site.
The Art

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The panoramic views here have been the favorites of photographers and painters around the world. Its artistic, cultural, and historic heritage is influential even today, especially so in the field of art. Florence has been a strong influence on the European music, art, architecture, cuisine, education, fashion, science, and religion. It is a centre of various streams of arts, like photography, painting, sculpture, and woodcraft. Considered the art-capital of Italy, it still has Renaissance Art well preserved. The city proudly boasts of its splendid piazzas, Renaissance palaces, educational institutions (especially art), gardens, churches, monasteries, art museums & galleries, and art studios.
The Icons

Florence is the birthplace or the refuge of some of the most famous people of all time. Dante Alighieri (poet, 1265-1321), Donatello (Renaissance artist, 1386-1466), Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), Leonardo da Vinci (Genius, 1452-1519), Galileo Galilei (Astronomer, physicist, & mathematician, 1564-1642), Michelangelo (Renaissance artist, 1475-1564), Florence Nightingale (English Nurse, writer, & statistician, 1820-1910), Guccio Gucci (merchant, 1881-1953), Salvatore Ferragamo (shoe designer, 1898-1960), Emilio Pucci (fashion designer, 1914-92), and Roberto Cavalli (fashion designer, 1940) are some such icons. The fathers of Italian Art Cimabue (1240-1302) and Giotto (1267-1337) also lived in the city.
The Art Houses

Florence is also home to several famous museums, like the Uffizi, Pitti Palace, Palatini Gallery, Bardini, Stibbert, Romano, and The Gallery of Modern Art. These museums house the works of several famous artists. Millions of tourists and art-historians from around the world visit Florence for seeing the great artistry.

Florence is clearly one of the key pillars of Renaissance, preserved until date. The existence and maintenance of such cities is a matter of immense pride and pleasure, as they extend the grandeur of art and history to the world.
Annette Labedzki received her BFA at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She has more than 25 years experience. She is the founder and developer of an online art gallery featuring original art from all over the world. Please visit the website at It is a great site for art collectors to buy original art. Artists can join for free and their image upload is unlimited.

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