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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Milan`s Duomo

Domm de Milan from the Square..Image via Wikipedia
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No matter how many times I've seen the first glimpse of the Cathedral of thin arrows, luminescent marble always inspires a silent scream of fear. The cathedral is the epitome ofMilan: a product of centuries of partisan politics, robbery, bribery, fashion and commercial ambition. And despite its mix of architectural stylesflorida, it works somehow.
1. The Baptistery
Access to the Baptistery 4 th century through the stairs next to the Cathedral through the main entrance. Back-to-basics beauty of the paleo-Christian baptismal font and the ruins of earlier cathedrals are impressive sight, and touch the other the abundance of the above.

2. Fans cheer Madonna, Nina
Viewing golden Madonnina (Little Madonna) in the square below the thousands of local soccer nuts singing "O mia bella Mudunnina is one of those" only inMilan"moments. Just do not be fooled by the name : the traditional protector of the city may seem small as it flies over the city, but more than 4m high.
3. The view from the top
Be sure to climb the stairs to the roof terraces of marble, not only for the panoramic view (a rare treat inMilan), but for the adventurous feel of being surrounded by the peaks of fossilized marble. It is also a must for fans of Visconti - one of the most harrowing scenes of his 1960 Rocco and his brothers set out therein. There is an elevator, if you can not manage the stairs.
4.concert Cathedral
If you are in visit to Milans Duomo Cathedral keep an eye on the Dome of the occasional concerts of classical music and sacred ago. The music school has trained Duomo altar boys from 1402 (the full expectation that they know their stuff), and the body of the Dome is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is also a good way to avoid the circus tour group. You can find details of the Cappella Musicale (Musical Chapel) near the site of the Dome.
5. A modern
Facing the north side is The Dome store Rinascente. Obika head to the floor 7 for a glass of Prosecco local, a plate of fresh Bufala mozzarella, and an unusual close-up image of the arrow.
Saint Ambrose built a new basilica on this site at the beginning of the 5th century, with an adjoining basilica added in 836. When fire damaged both buildings in 1075, they were rebuilt as the Duomo.
In 1386 the archbishop, Antonio da Saluzzo, began the new project in a rayonnant Late Gothic style that is more characteristic of France than Italy. Work proceeded for generations.
The main spire was topped in 1762 with a polychrome statue of the Madonna, to whom the Duomo and its predecessor have always been dedicated.
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