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Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 8 Sexiest Cities In The World

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Top 8 Sexiest Cities In The World
"Sex Sells"….. We have all heard this term and see it every day, whether if we're watching television, listening to the radio, browsing the internet or looking at a magazine, it's around us 24/7. When using the word "sexy" we are usually relating it to a person or article of clothing but in this case, I am relating it to some of the sexiest cities around the world. What makes a city sexy? It's a quality that transcends the mere physical beauty of its inhabitants. We are talking about those special places that make you feel incredibly alive, whether it's the people, food, music or atmosphere. There are countless reasons why we love cities, many of them admirably linked to the environmental advantages and sense of community that arise when people live in close proximity. Yet they also fascinate us for reasons that are less virtuous, but which help explain the enduring appeal of urban life through the centuries. Cities, in short, are sexy. The seductive quality of some places fills us with longing in the same way as a wink from an attractive stranger. Below are 8 amazing cities that make you want more once you have visited. I'm going to start you off in the west with some Latin flavor then escort you across the Atlantic.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
If there's one city in the world that has all the ingredients of ‘sexy', its Rio. It's got the faraway exoticism, the party playboy reputation and the stunning natural setting. Throw in the beaches — especially the world famous Copacabana — and the fact that so many songs and movies seem to name-check it as a byword for good times, then you've got a complete set. And if that's not quite enough, there are also the reams of pictures of bronzed beach booty, a truly pumping club scene and the world's most hedonistic party — the Rio Carnival. The latter is all about provocative dancing, fearsomely skimpy clothing and showing it all off, after all.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
If you like your South American sexiness a bit more on the classy side, then there's no competition: Buenos Aires is the place to be. It's the most European city in South America, with sharply-dressed inhabitants and a swaggering sense of superiority and confidence. The elegance combines with a Latino passion and spirit that is expressed best in the form of Argentina's most famous (and hottest) export — the tango.
Miami, United States
Some would say New York, some would argue for Los Angeles, and others would go for Vegas, but it's that Latino influence again that gives Miami the title of the sexiest city in the United States. The huge Cuban, Colombian and Puerto Rican population transfer the vibe from their respected countries over to Miami. Whether you're on the beach or dancing to the salsa sounds of the clubs, Miami has that silhouette about it that is hard to duplicate or ignore.
Havana, Cuba
This is my favorite on the list considering my wife is Cuban and incredibly sexy. While Spanish-speaking isn't a prerequisite for sexiness; an awful lot of the world's most alluring cities seem to have it as a common denominator. And there's no way that Havana can be left off this list. The Cuban capital combines rebel status and salsa rhythm with old-school charm and suaveness. It has a sense of romance, with a seriously seductive music and dance club scene. And, of course, it's the ideal place to have a post-coital cigar.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
If you prefer your sexy on the slightly seedier, dirtier side, then Amsterdam should hit the spot. For a start, it's the only place in the world where policemen will happily direct you to the red light district. Once there you can find all manner of interesting live shows, and even a sex museum. The city is also famous for its liberal outlook on life, and that means everything from drug intake to dress sense. Meanwhile, there's a seriously hardcore clubbing scene with pounding techno and sweaty bodies gyrating against each other in vogue.
Bangkok, Thailand
If Asia has an equivalent of Amsterdam, its Bangkok. The Khao Sanh Road is especially notorious as a place where travellers from around the world get together and mingle in more ways than one. Bangkok is also home to that sweaty, oppressive heat and some rather explicit live shows. The best way to escape the heat and dance the night away is at one of many beach side clubs.
Seville, Spain
Picking the sexiest city in Spain is a bit like trying to pick the coldest city in Siberia. There are so many candidates, but the likes of Madrid and Barcelona are piped at the post by Seville. Architecturally, the city has an exotic twist, with much of it being built in Andalusia's Muslim period, but it's the weather and the attitude that make it so sensual.The sun is invariably blazing here, and the locals have a real uncompromising, passionate take on life and the nightlife is unparalleled. It all starts at midnight at the earliest and goes on until well after sunrise, with dancing not drinking the key ingredient.
Cannes, France
Frankly, the whole Côte d'Azur has a sexy image, and St Tropez or Monaco are formidable rivals to Cannes in attracting filthy-rich, well-heeled and stylish clientele to the beaches and bars but Cannes makes my list because of the star power — the Cannes Film Festival is a hive of strutting grade-A celebs every year; and even outside the festival, the city has a beautiful people-only air of exclusivity.
Which one of these cities gets your blood rushing??
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