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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Must Visit Attractions in Montreal

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Author: Lisa Steinway

Visitors from all over the world visit Montreal, Quebec each year due to its rich history and many popular tourist attractions. Montreal is an old city with a diverse culture and many wonderful cultural attractions. Montreal attractions include historical sites, parks, landmarks, and garden areas. There are many Montreal must-see attractions, however, below is a list of three must visit attractions in Montreal.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Musee des Beaux-Arts): The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is one of Canada's most famous museums. This very popular institution is located 1.2 miles from city center and showcases a broad collection of Canadian and international contemporary exhibits. Founded in 1860, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts was one of the first museums in North America to accumulate an extensive collection of fine art. It now has more than 36,000 objects that include sculptures, paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and decorative art objects. Every year, the Museum acquires new works to enhance its collections of Ancient Cultures, Canadian Art, European Art, Inuit Art, Amerindian Art, decorative Art, and Contemporary Art. The museum consists of two buildings, the 1912 original and its 1991 across-the-street annex with underground galleries that connect the two sites.
Old Montreal (Vieux-Montreal): Located from St-Antoine St south to the St Lawrence River
Bleury St east to St-Denis St, Old Montreal is one of the most vibrant and, well-preserved "old towns" It is world famous for being a key part of what makes Montreal a unique and alluring North American city. When in Old Montreal, you can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride, visit the art galleries, museums, shops, and delectable restaurants. Also in Old Montreal, there is an icon of the Anglophone culture, the Centaur Theater, where you can watch English language plays during their theater season. You can go on a walking tour and view charming neighborhoods, historic walking areas, as well as Landmarks and other points of interest.
Notre-Dame Basilica (Basilique Notre-Dame) Notre-Dame Basilica is Montreal's oldest Catholic Church. The church was built in 1656 and is famous for its intricately designed interior, which includes stained glass chronicling the history of the city. Notre-Dame Basilica is an important component of the Catholic religious heritage of Montreal. The Basilica's vast size features a Gothic Revival style, incredible craftsmanship, and religious art. The interior of the chapel was inspired by the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Visitors are astounded by the church's impressive crypt, where they can study its origins. Many archaeological treasures of significant ethnographic value can be found around the Basilica and under its front square.
Tourists always have a wonderful time when they visit Montreal Canada. Although the above 3 attractions are a must see, make sure you check out such Montreal attractions as Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Biodome, Musée du Château Ramezay, Pointe-à-Callière Museum, Ovarium Bains Flottants Therapeutique, Massotherapie, Pulsar, Mont (Mount) Royal, Montreal Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique de Montreal), Bell Centre, Place des Arts, Biodome de Montreal, and so much more. When you visit Montréal, you will have a wonderful experience that you will never forget.
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