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Monday, October 17, 2011

Toss A Coin At The Trevi Fountain!

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Rome, the city of obelisks, is well-known for its rich history! Evidently, you can see a huge variety of ancient monuments, castles, churches, squares standing majestically in various hot spots of Rome. In that list, fountains hold a special place, especially the Fountain of Trevi. It is the most famous of all fountains in Rome. After having spent a long vacation in Rome, it would be unworthy if you return to your home country without witnessing this beautiful fountain. So pay a visit to this fascinating fountain not only to witness the architectural beauty of the fountain, but also to explore the Trevi Fountain Coin Toss ritual that will pique your interest.

The construction of this historic Trevi Fountain in Rome holds a separate history. The initial undertaking to build this fountain based on Bernini's design was unexpectedly stopped due to some reasons. Then, in 1732, Nicola Salvi was commissioned to build it at the Trevi Square. Finally, this monumental baroque fountain was completed in 1762. However, you can still find Bernini's touches in the fountain.
Rich in legends and artistic values, Fontana di Trevi stands far beyond your imagination in its beauty. You can find in the center, the sculpture of Neptune, god of the sea, riding a chariot pulled by two horses. The two seahorses are guided by two tritons on either side. These two tritons symbolize the contrasting moods of the sea where one struggles to control an unruly seahorse and the other rules a calm seahorse. In addition, you can find other statues with different historic values. There is a large niche behind the statues, which adds to the beauty.
An intriguing fact about the Fountain of Trevi is that People who visit here follow an unusual tradition, which is in practice even today. Yes, tourists visiting this fountain never leave without tossing a coin in to it. Guess why? It is because the Trevi fountain coin toss legend says that those who toss a coin into the fountain are sure to return to Rome someday. It also states that if you throw two coins, then it will lead to a new romance. So, if you are spending a romantic Italian vacation in Rome, then this Trevi fountain coin toss ritual adds more spice to your romance! If suppose, you throw three coins, then it means you will get either married or divorced. The right way to perform this ritual - Toss the coin with the right hand, cross it over the left shoulder, make a wish by turning your back to the fountain, and finally throw it into the water.
Interesting isn't it? Plan a tour to Rome in Italy, visit this fountain, and follow the ritual to make your wishes come true. Get help from!
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Interesting isn't it? Plan a tour to Rome in Italy, visit this fountain, and follow the ritual to make your wishes come true. Get help from!

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