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Friday, October 28, 2011

Weddings in Italy: hotels and beaches for the perfect wedding by the sea

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Italy is without a doubt one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Therefore, many people from all over the world choose the Belpaese as the place to celebrate weddings and honey moons in one of the many emblematic cities of the country.
Tuscany is one of the most popular regions among brides and grooms that wish to have a classic or rustic wedding among the yellow fields that have become as iconic as the Coliseum or the Pisa tower, especially in the US. Verona is another undisputable winner, being the home and inspiration of the most famous love story of all times. The streets of Venice are the perfect background for walks at the light of the moon and for beautiful photo albums, specially appreciated by the Asian population. Rome has many locations that can fit any kind of wedding and honeymoon: from the couple that elope to the couple that has several guests travelling for a formal wedding in a 5 star hotel in Piazza di Spagna, Rome leads the chart of preferred city for destination weddings in Italy.

However, Italy, being as it is a country of summer tourism, is not famous for beach weddings, the more modern, informal twist to the traditional ceremony that is just now starting to become popular among the national wives and husbands to be.
Beach weddings tend to be more casual than urban or religious weddings whether they are on hotels, restaurants or religious centers. Often they consist on gathering some friends and family on a specific location near the sea to exchange vows in flowy dresses and nude feet. Ceremonies officiated in the beach are not official in Italy and require the bride and groom to go to the townhouse and sign the marriage contract. The ceremony is all about sharing a special moment with the closest relatives and friends, and about incorporating the beauty and strength of the sea in the theme of the wedding through decorations, centerpieces or even the bridal bouquet.
The beach theme can also be incorporated in the menu. Whether it is a small buffet set up right at the beach or a more formal reception in a hotel, couples can present guests with fish dishes, tropical salads and exotic cocktails to match the theme.
Beach weddings have the great advantage of providing the most beautiful background for the photo session. The pictures of the ritual and the group shots will stand out but the most spectacular pictures will be those of the bride and the groom walking and smiling at each other by the sea.
The area of Riviera Romagnola is one of the best areas in Italy to celebrate a beach wedding. The beaches of Rimini for instance, have the advantage of being easily connected to a urban center while staying private and breathtaking scenarios for an intimate wedding.
With the increasing demand for this type of ceremonies, also wedding planners and event organizers from the area have started to create special packages for couples who wish to marry in this special setting, in order to make the most out of the beautiful surroundings of the Italian coast.
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