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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Discover The Best Italian Honeymoons

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Here are six good reasons why a honeymoon holiday in Italy will be a honeymoon you will remember forever:

(1) Classical music began in Italy-think Vivaldi.

(2) Western art was invented here and has produced some of the world's most famous works of art, from Leonardo's Mona Lisa to Michelangelo's David.

(3) People travel from around the world to taste Italian wine in its natural setting.

(4) The natural beauty in the countryside will take your breath away.

(5) The food is a fantasia for the senses, which led my father to pronounce, "If you want to impress a girl, take her to an Italian restaurant; if you want to keep a wife, take her to Italy."

(6) Style and shopping: Gucci is only the beginning. The seductive synergy of these sensuous pleasures wakes the passionate and romantic spirit in all but the most stolid heart.

A co-worker of mine once went on a belated honeymoon to the island of Capri with his new wife. After he came back we scarcely recognized him for the changes that the tranquility had wrought in him. His wife, we learned a couple of months later, was in for equally great changes because she was now expecting a baby. . W. Somerset Maughm wrote "The Lotus Eater," a story, in which a man becomes so enamored of Capri that he goes home, sells all he owns, and returns to live out the rest of his days-of course the tale has a twist, but you too might want to cash in and return, regardless of what happened in Maughm's story. Even if a beautiful Mediterranean island rich in scenery, history and art isn't your ideal honeymoon spot, Capri is only one option for a honeymoon in Italy.

The Tuscany region boasts magnificent natural views and scenery as well as a concentration of artistic wealth. UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tuscany include the magnificent architecture of the Square of the Cathedral of Pisa, the bell tower of which is the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa where Galileo conducted his early experiments in gravitation; the historic center of Florence, where art so abounds that "genius abides on every corner"; the magnificent landscape of the Val d'Orcia; and the historic city centres of Siena, San Gimignano, and Pienza.

Tuscan cuisine invented what we knows as call the Mediterranean diet from which the Tuscans concoct delicious, rich dishes. In October and November in San Miniato they gather white truffles. For the unsinkable carnivore, the Chiana Valley raises superb beef for Florentine steak. The region also produces splendid wine, including, most famously, Chianti. When I visited, Tuscany taught me that I traveled as much by eating and drinking well as I did by walking or taking the train, and that sort of sensuousness heightens any honeymoon holiday.

But these are only two possibilities for a honeymoon in Italy. There are more, of course. Rome is a city at once modern and ancient. Sicily abounds with Roman ruins, medieval castles, and restaurants serving exquisite food and wine. Still we have only scratched the surface because all Italy is revelry of the senses guaranteed to impassion any honeymoon.
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