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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holidays With a View - 5 of Our Favourite Views You Can Take in on Holiday

By Sean Thompson

A room with a view is the dream for most holiday makers. Whether you want to escape and wonder over stunning valley landscapes, culture rich cities or breath taking beaches, there are a wide range of accommodation options which will offer the view for you.
French Alps
Whether you stay during winter or summer, the French Alps provide a beautiful backdrop to your holiday property. Providing you with various activities during any month, you not only get a stunning view but a chance to try out skiing, hiking or even rock climbing. Most of the chalets available will provide you with private balconies so you can take in your surroundings even better, or enjoy drinks under a clear sky, overlooking the mountain tops.
Rome, Italy
Over look the winding street, crowd filled markets and Italian vineyards, from a private apartment or rural villa. Central Rome is packed full of rich Italian culture, where you can explore the Colosseum and art museums, all of which are in easy access from stylish apartments. However if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre, Rome's outskirts spoil you with rustic and remote Italian homes. The outskirts include places such a Lazio and the Latina Province. Surround yourself with beauty that is Italian and you will be enchanted.

Trinidad and Tobago
Positioned at the most southerly points in the Caribbean, the pair of islands are not as commercialised as other countries within the Caribbean. Unspoilt beaches, lush rainforests and a vibrant culture, Trinidad and Tobago offer you a range of views to enjoy. Trinidad, the larger island, is covered in abundant rainforest, full of wildlife, including humming birds and red howler monkeys. Tobago, on the other hand, is the place to go for empty white sandy beaches. Both islands provide you with stunning views amongst the traditional culture.
Scottish Highlands
Perfect for the explorer in you, the Scottish highlands are packed with winding rivers, open lakes and snow capped mountains. Holiday rentals in the area rang from rural houses to mountain lodges, all of which provide you with captivating views in privacy. The region is perfect for dog walkers, hikers or skiers, or you can try and spot the Loch Ness monsters.
New Zealand
The setting for the film 'Lord of the Rings', New Zealand's landscape is enchanting and jaw-dropping. Mile high mountains, open countryside and lush vegetation, New Zealand is one place you have to visit in your lifetime - best seen from the air, but this large land area is worth hiking and exploring.
If you're travelling and want to take in the local environment a holiday cottage is the best way to have a view from a local perspective.

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