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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Destination Weddings in Italy Can Be Tricky on the Amalfi Coast

AmalfiAmalfi (Photo credit: Rick Payette)Destination Weddings in Italy Can Be Tricky on the Amalfi Coast

By Kimberly Murgatroyd

The Amalfi Coast in Italy has a lot of beautiful spots as wedding destinations. Some highly recommended wedding destinations in the coast are San Francesco Cloisters, Positano Town Hall, Sorrento Town Hall, Villa Fondi Sorrento and Ravello Town Hall. Having all these scenic places makes choosing a destination wedding in Amalfi Coast, Italy a little bit tricky. These glorious places never fail to fascinate even professional photographers in Italy.

The San Francesco Cloisters is a historic place being part of a medieval monastery with pillars and arches surrounded with plants, flowers and trees. Couples would love this place for their weddings as it brings a magical atmosphere. Photographers on the Amalfi Coast always feature the scenic greenery in this amazing place every time they cover for weddings.
A beautiful fishing village, Positano, also has a town hall where beautiful weddings can be held...Couples can choose between getting married in a small romantic room or in a grand terrace.People would always find it difficult in choosing a great Positano wedding because of these two extravagant sites as options.Thus, having Positano as a wedding destination is a popular choice for a lot of couples.
Sorrento Town Hall is one of the old-fashioned, glamorous town halls in Italy. Photographers in Italy often take wedding shots that would bring nostalgia to its viewers. Couples, who are trying to achieve a vintage 1950s wedding, would be pretty much in love with this town hall.
For couples who are seeking intimacy and privacy on their wedding day, Villa Fondi is often suggested. It is located high up on cliff tops in Italy and photographers on the Amalfi Coast find this place as an interesting view for their wedding photo shoots. This place depicts a fairy tale scene of romance and intimacy between couples.
Also, the Ravello Town Hall has some of the best gorgeous views on the Amalfi Coast. In literature, this place is described to be "halfway between the sky and the sea". This medieval town hall is ideal for weddings with its steep steps, narrow pathways, its historic piazza and its 11th century cathedral.Photographers on the Amalfi Coast define this picturesque view as a classical wedding destination.
Having these top 5 places, finding a wedding destination in Amalfi Coast, Italy can be quite tricky and confusing. Therefore, the couples should decide early on as to what kind of wedding they would want to have so that choosing a destination wedding in the coast will be a little easier.
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