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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Events and Festivals in Italy (Spring Season)

Easter SundayEaster Sunday (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Kristie Haller

The Italian spring begins early, particularly in the south. City streets and main sights are rarely over crowded (except at Easter in Rome). The weather, however, can be unpredictable and wet in the central and northern parts of the country.
Spring specialties, such as asparagus, spinach, and rocket, begin to feature on restaurant menus. This is a season of great celebration; festivals and fairs abound, especially in Sicily, and the Easter papal address always draws massive crowds to St. Peter's.
Mostra Vini Spumanti, (mid- Mar), Madonna di Campiglio, Trentino-Alto Adige. Fair celebrating sparkling wine.

Sa Sartiglia, Oristano, Sardinia. Three-day carnival ending on Shrove Tuesday.
Su e zo per i ponti (Sun, varies), Venice. A lively race through the city's streets, up and down the bridges.
Su e zo per i ponti (Sun, varies), Venice. A lively race through the city's streets, up and down the bridges.
Procession of the Grieving Madonna (Good Friday), Procida, Campania. A colorful religious procession throughout the island.
Holy Week (Easter Week). Numerous Easter celebrations from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, throughout the country.
Papal Address (Easter Sunday), Rome. The Pope makes his Easter address from the Vatican.
Dance of the Devils and Death (Easter Sunday), Prizzi, Sicily. Dance recital symbolizing the attempts of evil tovanquish the forces of God.
Scoppio del Carro (Easter Sunday), Florence. Firework display is lit by a mechanical dove in front of the Duomo.
Festa della Madonna che Scappa in Piazza (Easter Sunday), Sulmona, Abruzzo. Reenactment of a meeting between the Virgin and the Risen Christ.
Festa degli Aquiloni (first Sun after Easter), San Miniato, Tuscany. Kite lovers perform aerial acrobatics at this festival.
Festa di San Marco (Apr 25), Venice. St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice, is commemorated by a gondola race across St. Mark's Basin.
Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell'Artigianato (last week), Florence. An important European exhibition of arts and crafts.
Sagra Musicale Lucchese (Apr-Jul), Lucca, Tuscany.Festival of sacred music held in Romanesque churches.
Festa di Sant'Efisio (May 1), Cagliari, Sardinia. Paraders in traditional Sardinian costume.
Festa di San Nicola (May 7-9), Bari, Puglia. A statue of St. Nicholas is taken to the sea.
Festa dei Ceri (May 15), Gubbio, Umbria. Festival, including a race with four teams carrying large candles.
Festa di San Domenico Abate (first Thu), Cocullo, Abruzzo.Includes a procession with a statue of St. Dominic covered with live snakes.
Festa della Mela (late May), Ora (Auer), Trentino-Alto Adige. An annual "Festival of the Apple."
Greek Drama in Theater(May-Jun), Syracuse, Sicily. Festival of Greek drama.
Maggio Musicale (May-Jun), Florence. This is the city's biggest arts festival, including music, drama, and dance.
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