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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Finest Pizza Slice Around

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The Finest Pizza Slice Around
By Alejandro R Perez
Four of the Finest Pizza Slices Around
It is no secret that most people love pizza. It is one of those uncommon foods that really can't be denied or spoken badly about in general. It is extremely rare to hear someone say that they do not like or enjoy a slice of pizza. It simply does not happen. People from all different cities all over the world know a local spot where they prefer to get their pizza. As we all know, when that craving hits, nothing else can satisfy it like a pizza. Below are four of the best places to go for amazing pizza. If you are planning a long distance move to any of these places, American Van Lines is the team to get you there with peace of mind.

Naples, Italy
Ah, Naples. The Neapolitan pizza, a recipe created and also perfected in beautiful Italy, is the most lasting and consistent of any other type of pizza. In fact, the people in the city of Naples are quite passionate about their pizza. That fact is proven by an organization that is in place, one that is wholly devoted to preserving the authenticity of the dish. It is called the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The fact that there is an organization in place for this should tell you that pizza is taken quite seriously in Naples. It makes you want to visit to really see what it's all about.
The Windy City is no slouch at all when it comes to pizza. Best known for its deep-dish style of pizza, the city of Chicago has become a staple for pizza lovers all over the world. In the year 1943 the first Chicago style pie was served at the establishment, Pizzeria Uno, which to do this day is still popular in the United States. These days, Pizzeria Uno is a chain and has many locations all over the country. There, pizza lovers can experience one of the longest lasting styles for creating pizza.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Many people don't think associate Brazil with pizza. However, the people in Sao Paulo, the self proclaimed "Pizza Capital of the World" really enjoy their pizza and know how to make it. As a matter of fact,, it is somewhat of a big deal there. As a ritual, many people all across Brazil eat pizza every Sunday, without fail. There is said to be more than 6,000 parlors in the city and Paulistanos also celebrate Pizza Day each year on July 10th. Braz, one of the city's most well known chains, is where you eat all you can at a fixed price.
New York City
Last, but most certainly not least, is New York City. Pizza in New York City is simply amazing. In NYC, pizza makers take the art quite seriously, and it comes through in how everything is prepared and served. People from all over the world recognize that the city is packed to the full with numerous places to indulge and satisfy a pizza craving. And the quality of the pie is praised by everyone who has partaken. From the delectable hand-tossed dough to the art of making the pizza on a stone instead of pan, the city has some of the most tasty pizza around. Many people say it's the tap water in the city that make it so unique, something many people call a myth. Whatever the case, New York pizza is one of a kind and demands respect. One of the most well-known spots in the city is Lombardi's Pizzeria in NoHo, praised for their sizable pies and fresh ingredients.
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