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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tie The Knot And Fly To Your Italy Honeymoon

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By Kalyan Kumar
If you are still wondering where to go for your honeymoon, trying to take into consideration all the pros and cons different destinations offer, you should opt out for the place that speaks love and romance all the way through - from its people to the cobbles in its tiny streets. It sounds familiar, right? Italy, of course.
Italy has become synonymous with romance, and for the last decades, Italy honeymoons have been widely preferred as the perfect destination for romantic entanglements. Young couples and newlyweds often choose Italy honeymoons because they somehow believe, or at least hope, that their love could be of the kind with which romance and passion speak their true names and are there to stay.

There are some specific places that are always a must when it comes to having your honeymoon in Italy. A representative list always has Rome, Venice, Tuscany (Florence in particular), and Verona at the top. Those places are all familiar and are generally preferred as fantastic options for an Italy honeymoon. They all share a strong relation to love and romance and are famous for their 'ability' to communicate to you with the words of love - even stones are radiating affection and passion.
A possible destination - the one you should probably consider first of all - is the iconic and full of history ancient city of Rome, which often makes the background of idyllic love and combines all ingredients that make up the ideal Italy honeymoon. The beautiful buildings, the amazing pieces of art, even the air you breathe in, manage to interconnect and represent love as it should be - pure, sincere and true.
Another option you ought to consider for your Italy honeymoon is Venice. In this lovely place, you will be able to enjoy the walks in the breathtaking tiny streets, the tours in gondolas along the canals that were once crossed by passionate men and fighters for true love. This is a place where love still comes to represent a noble quality. You could also arrange your Italy honeymoon around a major event like the Carnival of Venice, for example, since it is a celebration of life and joy and stands out as the perfect background for those in love.
What will an Italy honeymoon be if we leave out Tuscany, more specifically Florence - the place of picturesque scenery and tranquility? The town offers beautiful architecture and romantic places which urge you to hold the person next to you; it leaves you breathless and amazed by the wonderful works of art incorporating love and passion.
Last, but not least, is Verona - a destination that comes to symbolize the essence of the idea behind an Italy honeymoon - which is a beautiful place that offers love and romance on each and every corner. It is the iconic place used as a setting for one of the most tragic, yet most passionate and influencing love stories in fiction - Romeo and Juliet's tragic love. Despite a work of fiction, their love story represents true love and utmost affection. A true Italy honeymoon should never skip those places, so, don't be picky - they all say and mean love.
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